Driving inDrive in Nepal

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Driving inDrive in Nepal

Until inDrive, a US-based global ride-hailing service, officially launched in Nepal on May 7, Rita Pokharel decided to remain behind the scenes. It was only at the launch event that inDrive announced Pokharel’s important role in the company's success in Nepal, and that she had been managing the company as the Country Director. During the launch event, inDrive's Asia Pacific Communications Head, Pavit Nanda Anand, introduced Pokharel to the media. Soon after, Pokharel said, "So far, the question was, 'Who is behind inDrive?' Now, I have come forward."

Born and raised in Sunwal, in Nawalparasi West, Pokharel went to the UK in 2009 for higher education. She completed a three-year diploma in Accounting and Financial Administration at the University of Greenwich, followed by an extended diploma course in organisational leadership at the College of East London. In 2017, she returned to Nepal after earning an MBA from the University of Sunderland. Although it has only been a year since Pokharel joined inDrive, she has worked tirelessly on one key objective: lobbying with the government to grant legal status to ride-sharing services. She persistently urged the relevant government agencies to address ride-sharing services through legislation. With the first objective met, Pokharel says her focus will now be on organising the inDrive Nepal Office more effectively. With a 30-member team at her Hattisar office, she plans to conduct a market analysis of the various facilities that the company provides in other countries to see which can be implemented in Nepal. 

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