Escape to Tranquility

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Escape to Tranquility

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Nestled amidst the tranquil hills of Dhulikhel, just an hour's drive from the bustling streets of Kathmandu, lies a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury and natural beauty – Aagantuk Resort. This premier property blends opulent accommodations with breathtaking mountain vistas, offering a serene escape for both city dwellers and international travellers alike.

Accommodations Fit for Royalty

Upon entering the resort, you will notice the meticulous attention dedicated to creating a perfect ambience for visitors. The 52 elegantly appointed rooms are a harmonious fusion of comfort and style. The Deluxe Rooms exude a peaceful aura with their expansive designs, contemporary amenities, flat-screen TVs and high-speed Wi-Fi, while the Suite Rooms boast separate living areas and private balconies – perfect for honeymooners or families seeking seclusion. For business travellers, the Premium Rooms offer dedicated workspaces and minibars, striking the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation. And for those seeking a truly opulent experience, the Mughal Rooms transport you to a bygone age of luxury with their intricate designs and lavish furnishings.

Our top priority is ensuring exceptional service and guest satisfaction. We make every possible effort to create a memorable experience for every guest.


Culinary Delights with a Panoramic View

Dining at Aagantuk Resort is an experience in itself. The main restaurant is a culinary sanctuary, offering a diverse menu that blends local flavours with international favourites. As the evening descends, the well-stocked bar becomes a cosy heaven where guests can unwind with a perfectly crafted cocktail or a glass of fine wine while engaging in lively conversation. The rooftop dining area provides an unmatched setting for dining. Imagine savouring exquisite cuisine beneath a canopy of stars, with the cool mountain breeze caressing your face and the majestic Himalayas serving as a breathtaking backdrop.

Modern Amenities and Sustainability

The resort's amenities are designed to cater to every need of guests The infinity pool, a serene oasis surrounded by the majestic mountains, invites guests to take a rejuvenating dip or simply lounge by the poolside. The wellness centre boasts a fully equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts, as well as steam and sauna facilities for ultimate relaxation. And for those seeking a truly pampering experience, the upcoming spa promises to offer a variety of therapeutic treatments and massages. Aagantuk Resort also prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness by implementing measures such as energy-efficient appliances, waste reduction initiatives and sourcing ingredients locally to support the community and minimise its environmental impact.

Impeccable Service and Hospitality

The service at Aagantuk Resort is a standout feature. A dedicated team of around 70 full-time employees, 40% who are female, ensure you a comfortable stay at the property. “Our top priority is ensuring exceptional service and guest satisfaction,” Bimal Poudyal, the Resident Manager, said. “We make every possible effort to create a memorable experience for every guest.”

Likewise, Subas Karki, the Room Division Manager, said attention to detail and personalised service keep them apart. “Our aim is to make every guest feel special,” he added. The warmth and professionalism of the staff create an atmosphere where guests feel truly valued and cared for. Every interaction, from housekeeping to dining service, reflects a dedication to excellence that enhances the overall experience at Agantuk. Conceived by Krishna Gyawali and the late Hari Nepal, Aagantuk Resort is managed by a team dedicated to maintaining high standards. Bimal Poudyal and Subas Karki lead the management team ensuring that every aspect of the resort meets the expectations of the valued guests.


Whether you seek a romantic escape, a family retreat, or a corporate gathering, Aagantuk Resort promises an unmatched experience that revitalises the senses and ignites inspiration. Discover the epitome of luxury and serenity in the heart of Dhulikhel. The ongoing expansion and unyielding pursuit of excellence make it a noteworthy destination for domestic and international travellers. 

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