The Great Risk of Dying of Laughter

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The Great Risk of Dying of Laughter

By Madan Lamsal

You won't believe what happened a few days ago in the upper house or National Assembly of our Federal Parliament, if you have not already heard of it. They were supposed to discuss e-commerce, but guess what they ended up doing? Hold on to your hats, because our Industry Minister and the esteemed members present started a heated debate on... wait for it... electricity trade! Yeah, I know, apples and oranges, right? I mean, it was like watching a comedy show! People in the audience couldn't help but burst into laughter. Can you blame them? It's not every day you witness such a bizarre mix-up of topics in the hallowed halls of our Parliament. 

Picture this: the lawmakers with their stern faces, attempting to be all formal and important, while discussing electricity trade when they should have been focusing on e-commerce. Oh, the irony! It's like trying to teach a goldfish to tap dance. But hey, at least they were talking about trade, right? I guess we should give them some credit for that. Who knows, maybe they stumbled upon a revolutionary idea – selling e-commerce goods with electric currents! If not, they certainly gave us all a good belly laugh. 

Now get ready for more chuckles because I've got a hilarious scoop for you! You won't believe what's happening with people these days – they've completely forgotten how to be serious. Imagine this unfolding before your eyes: our top-notch Prime Minister and ministers, all dressed to the nines, step up to the mic at a public function, maybe even a religious one, to drop some wisdom bombs. And what do they get in return? Not awe or admiration, but laughter! Yeah, you heard that right – rolling-on-the-floor laughter! I mean, come on, people! They're talking about following Lord Buddha's path, and embracing his philosophies – you know, deep, meaningful stuff. But instead of nodding wisely, everyone looks at each other like they've just heard the punchline of a bad joke! 

Lord Buddha, a great soul with incredible teachings – you'd think that would earn some respect! And hey, our Prime Minister and ministers are no slouches either. They've earned their spots at the top with some slick political moves. I'm seriously scratching my head here – why all the chuckles? Back in the day, people were more serious, respectful, and had their poker faces on point. But now, it's like a comedy show 24/7! Move over, late-night comedians – we've got our politicians delivering knee-slappers on the main stage!

Oh boy, hold your applause for this political circus and picture this – a politician getting invited to celebrate the birthday of a corrupt person or a goon. And what do they do? Like clockwork, they can't help but shower these "role models" with praise! "Let's all follow their ideals!" they proclaim, with a straight face (or maybe not). But wait, it gets better! Imagine a conference of pickpockets – yeah, you heard right! And there they go again, our politicians, all ready to charm the pants off those nimble-fingered artists. "We'll make sure the pickpockets thrive! The government's got your back!" they assure.

Now, let's move on to our minister's field trip to an orphanage run by missionaries. You'd think they'd come up with something more sensible, right? Nope! Brace yourself for some top-notch word salad: "We'll build toilets at each home! Old-age homes and homes for widows everywhere!" But don't let that stern façade fool you. Our ministers are serious business! They say serious things seriously. So, when they talk about toilets, pickpockets, and old-age homes, they mean it, folks! But here's the million-dollar question – why do we end up in fits of laughter? Maybe it's a coping mechanism to handle the absurdity of it all. Buddha's teachings, serious as they are, never came with a warning for this level of comedy, after all!

Oh boy, brace yourself for a laugh riot! The Health Minister says, "Doctors should serve selflessly." Cue the chuckles! Next up, the Education Minister claims, "We're committed to developing education for bona fide citizens, not just jobs." Yep, laughter ensues again! And hold on tight, because here come the industry, tourism, energy, and finance ministers, all preaching about the importance of morality in business and trade. And you guessed it – more laughter!

Seems like our ministers have a stand-up comedy routine hidden in their serious speeches! I mean, who knew that being a doctor or creating bona fide citizens could be such hilarious topics? So, let the laughter flow as they dish out their pearls of wisdom. After all, humor is the best medicine for absurd statements, and they seem to be serving it up in ample amounts!

But hey, spare a thought for people like me! Here I am, working hard day in and day out, trying to tickle your funny bone, while these politicians and ministers are doling out laughs for free! I mean, seriously, my livelihood is on the line! You have no idea how much effort it takes to make you laugh! I have to craft hilarious characters and dreamy situations, racking my brain for the perfect punchlines. I put my heart and soul into creating comedy gold! But for some reason, crickets chirp when I perform my comedic symphony.

And just when I'm questioning my comedy prowess, here come the politicians and ministers, effortlessly making people giggle with their supposedly serious speeches, like it's the easiest thing in the world! Who knew running a country was a ticket to the comedy club? As for me, I'll keep striving to bring a smile to your face, even if I have to beg, borrow, and steal jokes from politicians! 

Hold your horses, because I've got a knee-slapper for you! Imagine this – our beloved minister takes a trip to the Pashupatinath Temple. And what does he say? Brace yourself: "Service is the true religion." Cue the audience roaring with laughter! I mean, forget stand-up comedians; our politicians have become the masters of comedy! But hey, here's the catch – if this comedy circus keeps going, us humorists and satirists are in big trouble! Our jokes won't stand a chance against the unintentional hilarity of those speeches and statements. Hunger might become our new best friend!

But don't worry, us humorists will keep fighting the good fight, even if our bellies rumble with hunger. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and we'll keep serving it up, even in the face of this unintentional competition!

Oh, you won't believe the comedy show we've got going on here! It's like a laughter switch got flipped in our brains – serious stuff makes us laugh, and funny stuff? Well, it's stone-cold serious! A tale of one of the recent speeches of our Prime Minister will make it clear. A few weeks back, he dropped a bombshell – "Sardar Pritam Singh frequented New Delhi to make me the Prime Minister!" And guess what? The audience went all serious about it. I mean, come on, it's laugh-out-loud material! But wait, it gets better! When the Prime Minister switched gears and talked about good governance, boom – laughter explosion! It's like he were telling the funniest jokes at a stand-up gig! 

Anyway, the daily comedy show we have with our lawmakers, ministers, and politicians is a never-ending source of amusement. But while we're rolling on the floor laughing, many of our fellow Nepali people face the risk of dying of hunger. It seems our Prime Minister, ministers and politicians have mastered the art of serving up laughs and empty stomachs all in one go! Maybe we should give them a standing ovation for this impeccable balancing act. Bravo, folks, bravo! 

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