Increased Flight Frequency Benefits Domestic Travelers

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Increased Flight Frequency Benefits Domestic Travelers

Buddha Air has further increased flight frequency after adding two new ATR-72 recently

Flight frequency is the number of flights offered by an airline in a set time period. Shorter and regional routes can provide more flight frequency compared to international airlines. Thus in domestic service airlines can manage several flights in one day. Smaller aircraft like the ATR 72 are perfect for regional flights in Nepal as they are more fuel efficient compared to larger aircrafts and can withstand extreme temperatures which allows it to fly to high altitude destinations. One ATR 72 aircraft can accommodate 44 to 78 seats on a flight. Buddha Air, a domestic airline company has increased their flight frequency after adding two new ATR 72 aircrafts to their fleet. One of which arrived in April making the total number of fleets owned by Buddha Air to 15. The company operates flights to 13 domestic destinations with more than 40 flight routes. These include popular destinations such as Kathmandu to Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Bharatpur, Nepalgunj, and Simara. Recently, it has also increased flight frequency from Pokhara to destinations other than Kathmandu.

This has made traveling more convenient for passengers. Increased flight frequency of airlines definitely provides a lot of benefits to travelers. Let’s explore some of the perks of having more flight frequencies.

 1. Passengers can fly at their own convenient time If you are a last-minute planner, then, there is good news for you! Increased flight frequency means the passengers can choose their convenient time for travel. People do not have to wait for a week to get their flight of choice. This also gives them flexibility in planning their travel. Haven’t booked the tickets yet? You can book them last minute and still have a high chance of getting good seats. More flight frequency means that several flights to a destination occur on a single day. So, even if your travel plans fail to coordinate with your friends, they can still catch the next flight on the same day without having to ruin your itineraries. 2. T ravelers do not need to stop at a city or spend the night More number of aircrafts mean that there are more flights in various destinations. Thanks to this, people do not have to travel to another destination or stop at a city and spend the night to catch their flight. They can even return from their destination on the same day. Such is the case of Mr. Lalit KC, who is a Royal Club member at Buddha Air. The nature of his work dictates that he has to travel frequently to different destinations, and return on the same day. Recently, Mr. KC completed 800,000 mileage points on his Royal Club card. Thus, getting to enjoy benefits such as extra baggage allowance and free flight cancellations. 3. I ncrease in Flight Frequency saves time There is no denying that having more flight frequency saves a lot of time. Passengers do not have to wait to get a flight to their destination. Even with last minute bookings, passengers have a high chance of getting tickets. This helps to save unnecessary time from looking for flights or talking to travel agencies. 4. I t increases the rate of tourist influx to a destination With more fleets, the number of flights to different destinations also increases. It is not just the popular destinations like Pokhara or Chitwan that see an increase in tourists, but the lesser known travel destinations can also see an increase in tourism. Beautiful but often overlooked destinations such as Surkhet, Dhangadi and Nepalgunj can also develop tourism with better access via air transport. 5. H elps to organize better travel itineraries Planning a travel itinerary can be difficult, especially if it includes transits and lay-overs.

However, thanks to more flights, travels can be better organized with direct connecting flights from one destination to another. In the past, there were very few flight routes flying from one city outside of Kathmandu to another city. Traveling required spending long hours on the road to get from one region to another. This hampered the tourism industry where tourists visiting different parts of Nepal had to make frequent flights to Kathmandu to catch a flight to the next destination. But now, with frequent flights, the inter-regional flights have increased, thus saving time and budget while traveling in Nepal. Buddha Air is committed to serve its passengers and since the beginning it has always stood out with its safety and innovative notions to embrace its travelers with a confident that air travel is safe, comfortable and affordable to all Nepalese. The company has always been awarded many times for its dedication from different national and international organizations. In 2022, Buddha Air was awarded as Best Domestic Airlines of Nepal.

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