Aesthetic Industry in Nepal

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Aesthetic Industry in Nepal

How Nepalis have changed their perspective on dermatology.


In the olden days, beauty and aesthetics were not given much priority. Skincare was limited to home remedies, and plastic surgeries were beyond one’s imagination. But now, dermatology has seen rapid advancements, and there has been a drastic change in the field of skin care in Nepal.

Dr Shrujana Shrestha, managing director of Absolute Aesthetics located in Labim Mall and Maharajgunj, has seen a transition in the Nepali skincare industry.  

When Shrestha was pursuing her medical career at a plastic surgery posting, the only practical they did was clean the wounds of burn victims. Besides that, there was no such thing as eye surgery or liposuction, hair transplant or anti-ageing treatments, injectable and implantable soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin treatments, correction of acne scarring, chemical peeling, and tumescent liposuction.

After many years of practice, Shrestha has witnessed a shift in the perspective of Nepali people towards dermatology and plastic surgery. “Previously, people were sceptical even to begin with HydraFacial. However, now the pattern has changed,” she added.

Over the years, clinics have welcomed numerous patients who have included HydraFacial, Vampire Facial, and many other treatments to their monthly skin care visits.

The dermatologist also said that Nepalis are slowly realising the importance of visiting a dermatologist and seeking professional help. The awareness and benefits of skincare and aesthetics are slowly spreading due to a push by dermatologists all over the country.

Social Media Trends
The Managing Director of Absolute Aesthetics does appreciate social media platforms. “These platforms have been one of the sources to spread awareness of skin diseases, skincare routines, and more. However, there is a limitation to this,” she said.

Shrestha does not recommend anyone to blindly trust social media trends like face razoring, slugging, DIY micro-needling, and many more. In social media, skin care products get viral, pushing young girls, especially teenagers, to try those products.

Every skin type is different. One product that suits an individual will not show the same result as another. So, the safest way to take care of their skin is by visiting a dermatologist to discuss one’s skin type and get customised skincare plans.

When asked about the challenges faced by Shrestha in this field, she had some pointers to share. Shrestha has visited different clinics in major cities and realises the importance of the quality of equipment and products.

She believes in delivering clients the best services. However, a clinic providing the best services comes with a price. When asked about the equipment and the price ranges, she said: “I want to bring about change with the most advanced machine and products. However, this requires a heavy investment, resulting in price differences.”

Shrestha emphasises particularly the view that enhancing one’s looks is a choice made by an individual. Thus, she hopes that the clients will understand the quality of the product and the price ranges that come along with it.

Scope in Nepal
For aspiring dermatologists, Shrestha has a positive message to share. According to her, dermatology is a booming profession in Nepal. With more professional dermatologists coming up, Nepal can also be a country popular for its aesthetic services.

Considering tourism as one of the major sources of revenue, Shrestha aspires to create a trustworthy hub for tourists in Nepal. “Additionally, Nepalis can also enhance their looks in their home country without having to travel far,” she added.

Dermatologist Profile
Dr Shrujana Shrestha is the Managing Director of Absolute Aesthetics located in Labim Mall and Maharajgunj. Shrestha is an optimistic and her own biggest believer. Realising her ability to excel in the medical field, she chose dermatology as a career to bring about a change in Nepal and expand the services in an advanced way.

About Absolute Aesthetics
Absolute Aesthetics is a specialised centre geared towards achieving skin hair and dental aesthetics excellence. It has a pool of trained and experienced dermatologists, dentists and plastic surgeons. Absolute Aesthetics’ Managing Director Shrestha believes in creating a welcoming environment for the clients. She strengthens her values by teaching the staff to become compassionate and empathetic. Every three months, professional trainers come to the staff at Absolute Aesthetics. Training is provided to help the staff learn about the new equipment, techniques, and procedures changes. 

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