BANDI NIMA SHERPA : CEO of Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry

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BANDI NIMA SHERPA : CEO of Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry

Bandi Nima Sherpa works in multiple sectors ranging from tourism to coffee production. She is a rare breed of woman who does everything passionately.

“Women Entrepreneurs should be consistent and contribute to their business wholeheartedly. Women do very well in the business sector, especially in handicrafts. I believe that there are many opportunities in Nepal, and young women entrepreneur can mark their way in this sector”, says Bandi Nima Sherpa, CEO of Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry, Tenzing Asian Holidays, and Sagarmatha Land Developer Pvt. Ltd.

The CEO of the Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry was born in Solukhumbu, a beautiful district located in the eastern region of Nepal. She spent her childhood there and after 13 years; she moved to Kathmandu with her sister, where she continued her further studies. Sherpa always shared a keen interest in the business sector and thus followed her passion vigourously.

“Before 1953, when tourism had not even started in Solukhumbu, my parents were indulging in trading and exchanging of goods in the village. Hence, I believe that my passion for the business was genetically transferred through my parents”, she added.

Sherpa began her journey in the business world in 1995 when she established her first trekking company, Tenzing Asian Holidays. The trekking company started very well, and this gave her confidence in starting her next additional business as well. At the same time, Sherpa also entered the real estate business and then began selling and buying lands in Nepal. During this process, she bought lands in Nuwakot and started Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry, a 400 ropani coffee farm.

In 2007, she established the company and began the work. One day they would plant the cherry seeds, the next time they visited the farm did not look the same as the last time they visited. They faced many difficulties in the initial stages due to climatic conditions, cows grazing on the field, and many more reasons. “The Agriculture sector is a sector in which you need to give your full time. You need to be dedicated and should be involved in it fully”, Bandi added.

However, after thorough research and an intensive dedication from herself as well, she contributed her full time to this business. After weekly visits to the farms, consulting coffee experts, providing proper instructions to the employees, and a rigorous amount of effort, finally the Nuwa Estate Coffee industry became a success.

The coffee is loved by the Nepalese and also by those who live in different countries. They export the coffee to countries like the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Japan, and also Dubai.

Recently, the Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry actively took part in the World of Coffee Dubai exhibition which was held at the Dubai Exhibition center from January 12- 14 2022. “There were many Nepalese who were proud to see our exhibition in Dubai. They invited their friends, and bosses, and the feedback we received overwhelmed us. It was indeed a proud moment to represent Nepali coffee on a big platform”, the CEO added.

Currently, Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry provides employment to almost 60 workers. The number increases up to 100 during the harvesting and plantation period. They have employees from Nuwakot and Kathmandu as well. The company works to achieve its vision of improving the livelihood of the farmers by providing them employment. Almost 432 households are involved in coffee production in the Nuwakot region.

Besides her several businesses, Sherpa was also an active member of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal( TAAN).  During her time as a member, she was the coordinator of a team who created the building of TAAN.  In 2002, she was elected as Vice President of the board for her amazing contribution to the Association.

Additionally, she was also the vice president of the Pasang Lhamu Foundation. Later when she started her coffee business, she established her own foundation known as the Nepal  Green Tara Foundation. The foundation supports 800 students in Nuwakot and has opened almost four schools in the Nuwakot municipality. “ Our country is beautiful but in the hilly region, there seems to be a prevalence of poverty.

Therefore, I want to help the students and provide them quality education. For this philanthropic contribution, the people from Nuwakot appreciate my work. Due to my work, I have also been given the position of Vice-President of a secondary school in Nuwakot,” the CEO of Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry added. She was also the Board Member of Nepal Tourism Board.

Sherpa is a woman who balances her work-life and business beautifully. “My family is very supportive when it comes to my work. My husband loves visiting the coffee farms and spends most of his time there. Likewise, my son, alongside my daughter-in-law, is also equally supportive and handles the branding, marketing, and packaging of the coffee. I consider myself very lucky to have such a strong support system from my family”, she shared.

For the future, Sherpa has great plans for the Nuwa Estate Coffee Industry. Her primary plan is to maximize growth, expand the coffee farms in different districts, and focus more on the plantation of coffee.

An accomplished woman, Sherpa loves gardening.  She adores construction, and designing houses. During the weekend, she loves to visit Nuwakot and spend her time there with her family and work in a serene environment away from the bustling city of Kathmandu.

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