NMB Bank limited : Women in Leadership

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NMB Bank limited : Women in Leadership

A couple of months back, NMB Bank was awarded “Bank of the Year Asia 2021” by London-based The Banker Magazine, a publication of The Financial Times Group. This award is an annual recognition which is given to the best banks in each country and a region and NMB has been declared as the Best Bank not only in Nepal but also in Asia beating out stiff competition from banks based in Asia such as China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

NMB Bank is the first bank of Nepal to receive this honorable award. Recognised by such an award has happened for the first time in the banking history of Nepal. Although the bank has been honored, the collective effort of the entire team has resulted in achieving the award. New Business Age caught up with three energetic and enthusiastic women of NMB Bank who are in leadership positions and shared about their experience, role and the basis of NMB Bank for winning this award. These women are also an example that women in leadership roles inspire other women to get into a professional workplace and face the challenge with confidence.  Here's what they say about the award and its basis:

Shabnam Limbu
Chief Support Officer

Shabnam, who has a total of around 33 years of experience in the banking sector, believes that their focus on sustainable banking, digital transformation and strong corporate governance are the main reasons for garnering such an honorable award.

When the bank was getting the award, Limbu was handling Human Resource Department where her role was mainly in providing training and building the human resources for the betterment of the organisation. “I think I have been able to properly communicate the strategy of the bank and why we are doing sustainable business, and the importance of governance to all the lower to upper level staff equally,” opines Limbu.

The NMB Academy provides different training to the bank staff which helps in their growth.

“Now, after the recognition in Asia, we are aiming for the world and for this, we are working accordingly, on all our pillars,” she shares. Moreover, she adds that they are now focusing on customer satisfaction and digitisation. She believes more digital transactions should be done so as to reduce carbon footprints.

Pushpa Aryal
Head of Trade Finance

Aryal has been working with NMB Bank since 2008, the year when the bank was licensed as “A” class bank by Nepal Rastra Bank. Aryal, who facilitates international or cross border transactions, believes that the bank has received “Bank of the Year Asia 2021” award because of the team work and support from each of the bank’s staff.

Although there were certain criteria and challenges that the bank had for the award, the support, dedication and contribution of every staff member has helped acquire this award for the bank. “We have always supported and worked as per the strategic planning of the bank,” affirms Aryal.

According to her, the bank has been successful to get this award due to the collective effort of each member of the bank. “Now after receiving the award, we have to work much harder to maintain the position and provide better services to the customer,” she adds.

Pranisha Shrestha
Head of Brand and Marketing

There is a notion that women cannot work in a pressure, but the bank gave Shrestha an opportunity to break that notion. When she joined NMB Bank, she was the only female Branch Manager, she recalls and says, but the management team exhibited trust in her and encouraged her to take challenges. This trust that the team showed, motivated Shrestha as well as others to develop self-confidence and set example that everybody has potential. According to her, this culture of trusting the team, creating a woman friendly environment in the work, training and development of the team, participation, equality and diversity are also some bases which helped the bank to achieve the award.

“While most of the banks do not have women in the management committee, we have a female representative in the committee,” she points out.

Moreover, she also shares that there is still no conflict in human resources, even after merging five different banks in one. “I think such factors have led the bank to achieve the award,” she adds.

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