Why Pay Tax?

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Why Pay Tax?


It’s astonishing that everywhere you go you only find people criticising the government. Why are the Nepali people so much against the government and why do they only try to find reasons to rap it? And the reasons!...

•    They have to buy generators and inverters because the government has failed to supply them with enough electricity.
•    They have to buy submersible pumps because the government has failed to supply water. They add they have to buy bottled water to quench their thirst.
•    They have to keep paid private security guards because the government has failed to provide them security.   
•    They have to send their children to private schools and colleges that are quite expensive because the government schools and colleges fail to provide quality education.  
•    They have to go to expensive private hospitals because the government hospitals could not provide good treatment and services.
•    They have to buy motorbikes and cars because the government has failed to make the public transport system efficient and reliable. See it for yourself!

But that’s not all.
People have gone to the extent of saying that the government creates a hundred ways to levy different types of taxes on them. But it is said that in the name of social benefit, the government uses that money to provide different services to those who do not pay taxes. And that the government spends that money in buying things like luxurious cars even for the local politicians.
What’s more, the government sends the so-called big shots to foreign countries for treatment using the tax money. But at home,
•    The government does create courts but they don’t give justice.  
•    The government does set up police posts but instead of providing security to the people, the police work for the political parties and their leaders and their sycophants.
•    The government acts as if it is building roads and bridges but 80-90 percent of the budget is pocketed by the contractors and those in the government.

The list is a long one…
All the money that is raised in the name of various taxes is just enough to pay salaries, allowances and other perks and benefits to the government ministers, politicians and the government employees.
Even most of the money taken in the name of donations goes to foreign banks, they say.
An entrepreneur works for a profit margin of two to 10 percent. But he has to provide 30 percent of his/her profits to the government though s/he makes that profit by borrowing loans and working hard day and night.
•    Therefore, the people want to pay as less tax as possible or not pay it at all if possible, it is said.
•    They argue if they can save the money they have to pay as taxes, then they would be able to do something towards the financial security of their parents and children.  
•    They want to pay less tax so that they can save some cash for their own old age.  

How is this going to work? The government is working day and night to make “a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis” but the people are not appreciating and helping this.

What has happened to the Nepali people? The world has progressed so much but the way the Nepali people think hasn’t changed even a bit.

Our Prime Minister holds the Cabinet meeting in Kathmandu through a video conference from Singapore. Why don't the people understand that there is no point in trying to make the country like Singapore, as the Prime Minister has clearly prove that from Singapore? The traditional habit of Nepali people to only complain about the government needs urgent change.

Therefore, the Nepali people need to understand the crux of the matter in time and change their mindset and start singing the praises of the government. Hail Mr Oli! Hail the government!

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