Subaru XV : Uniquely Urban

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Subaru XV : Uniquely Urban

The 2019 Subaru XV is, in many, ways the quintessential urban machine. Imbued with dashing looks, a lithe figure, and with style oozing out of its compact frame, the compact SUV checks all the boxes. 

Design and Exterior

It would be a disservice to merely call the Subaru XV handsome, for it is much more than that. The vehicle has been designed and put together with high precision by the Japanese automaker.    

The XV is sleek, sharp and refined. Subaru’s signature grille up front, coupled with the muscular body, bestow the vehicle with an air of authority and prestige. The elegant headlamps and tail lamps further contribute to the SUV’s appeal. The rear too continues on the minimalist design theme, the box-like tail lamps contrast nicely with the angular ones in the front add a dash of class to the back and all things considered, the Subaru XV is a sight to behold– a stunning, striking and well-sculptured vehicle that commands your attention, sidestepping garish and obnoxious design choices in favour of its understated approach; a genuine feast for the eyes. 

The interior is where the XV flaunts its luxury pedigree. Immediately upon entering the cabin, it becomes apparent that the XV is not your everyday SUV. Everything is refined, polished and well thought out. 

The contoured seats are exceedingly comfortable and should hold passengers and the driver in good stead on long drives. In terms of space, the cabin is well equipped to comfortably take on five occupants, with ample seating space and legroom for all. 

The dashboard is understatedly stylish, its showpiece being the 8-inch LCD infotainment system. All things considered, the cabin exudes an atmosphere of refinement. Further, all the elements in the cabin coalesce into one unified whole, nothing sticks out, and this accentuates the feel of the cabin. 

The textures and the overall fit and finish inside the cabin are of the highest calibre. It’s a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy the ride, for both the driver and the passengers.

Then there are the plethora of exciting features such as Automatic rain-sensing wipers, rear-view camera, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, among many others.

Engine, Performance and Safety

The primary feature in terms of the Subaru XV’s performance is the Subaru Boxer Engine. It’s a horizontally opposed engine configuration in which the pistons move toward each other in a horizontal direction. In layman’s terms, the result of such an engine configuration is increased durability and performance due to the engine’s flat design, which generates less vibration than other engine types. 

While previously, the Subaru XV was available in both manual and automatic gear configurations, the vehicle will no longer be available in the manual configuration moving forward. The reasoning is that given its segment and its price point, a majority of potential customers seek an automatic configuration. 

In terms of performance, the XV has a powerful, 1995 CC engine that is well suited for urban traversal. The SAWD (symmetrical all-wheel drive), available on all Subaru vehicles, is well equipped to handle the rugged terrain and roads laden with potholes. The suspension set-up on the XV is of the highest quality and will insulate passengers insulated from the bumps and crevices – a boon that will help overcome Kathmandu’s pothole-laden streets. 

Further, Subaru has made improvements in chassis rigidity and suspension. Stabilisers efficiently absorb shocks from the road and hide uneven surfaces, allowing for more comfort on long drives. 

Other Salient Features:
•    X-Mode – A system unique to Subaru, which coupled with SAWD allows the XV to tackle difficult terrain, slippery roads, and challenging ascents and descents. 
•    SRH (Subaru Responsive Headlight)
•    AVH (Auto Vehicle Hold) – When toggled on, it allows the driver to let go of the brake pedal anytime the car is at a standstill.
•    Self-Levelling – A suspension system that maintains a constant height of the vehicle, irrespective of the load the vehicle is carrying. 

In terms of safety, the XV is incredibly well endowed. The vehicle’s ring-shaped reinforcement frame utilises high tensile steel panels and has been structurally redesigned for efficient energy absorption from impacts from all directions. The whiplash mitigating front seats offer added protection during collisions. 

Further, owing to the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and enhanced suspension system, the XV is touted to be highly responsive when evasive actions are taken. Then there is the array of front, side, curtain and knee airbags included in the vehicle.

From a safety perspective, particularly considering the XV’s appeal as a family vehicle, Subaru has pulled out all the stops. 

Pricing and Conclusion
The Subaru XV, with its sublime aesthetic appeal, a multitude of modern technological features that encompass the exterior, interior and the engine, a full safety suite and a plethora of other features is a winner on virtually all metrics. 

The XV is priced at Rs 1, 15, 00,000 (the standard option being Rs 1,07,00,000). However, for that outlay, potential customers will be greeted with a great looking, great feeling, modern urban machine. It warrants the serious consideration of potential buyers who are in the market for an upscale compact SUV.

(The earlier version of this article contained errors, primarily the price of the vehicle and a few a lapses in the technical specifications. Any inconvenience caused by the errors is greatly regretted – Editor.) 

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