DISHHOME GO : A Flexible Entertainment Solution

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DISHHOME GO : A Flexible Entertainment Solution

Content consumption has experienced a sea-change and DishHome GO is yet another effective manifestation of that change.

Over the past decade, the entertainment landscape has undergone multiple paradigm shifts. More pertinently, the way entertainment is consumed and delivered to the masses has evolved considerably.

Where once, home entertainment was limited to specific television channels on one’s television, with the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, consuming a wide variety of content on one’s smartphones and tablets has become the norm.

Now, entertainment, and one’s ability to consume it, lies on the Internet. DishHome, one of Nepal’s fastest-growing broadcast operators, is tapping into the possibilities of the changing entertainment landscape with the introduction of DishHome GO, a new OTT (over the top) service.

OTT essentially means content transmitted over the Internet, which differs from the more traditional means of cable and satellite TV. As such, there is no physical connection required, and one can access content on their Smart TVs, phones and other compatible devices.

It’s a timely introduction as well, given the state of the country and the world at large. With people largely confined to their homes owing to the coronavirus pandemic, any and all entertainment options must come as a relief.

To access DishHome GO, one must be an existing DishHome customer; i.e. have a DishHome subscription. Once that is in place, customers can go to their respective App Stores and download the DishHome GO app.

After completing the registration process, customers will then have access to 20 High Definition channels that can be viewed via their Smart TVs, Phones and Tablets. The channels are - Discovery HD World, Animal Planet HD, 9XM HD, Plus Movies HD, Cine Hits HD, Ramailo HD, Action Sports HD, Kantipur HD, AP1 HD, NTV HD, TLC, Jeet Prime, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Kids, D Movies, Gunjan TV, Reality TV, Sarokar TV, and Nepal Channel.

Ultimately, it is about flexibility. With OTT services such as DishHome GO, customers have the ability to watch live channels of their choosing, whether you’re at home or away. Consumption of content is rapidly becoming more mobile with every passing year, and DishHome GO represents a step in that direction in the Nepali context.

Moreover, along with flexibility in terms of access, services such as DishHome GO also provide users with the opportunity to view content on multiple devices. This means that a family of four can consume the content of their choice over different devices, rather than everyone being fixated on one device, which is usually the television.

DishHome GO represents the way forward in terms of entertainment consumption. The changing landscape has made it possible for new services of this nature to capitalise on the proliferation of the Internet.

With the gradual increase in Internet speeds, services such as this can flourish. Increased speeds and connectivity have made it possible for the internet to become a part of the very fabric of our lives. DishHome GO is merely another brick in that wall.

Considering that the service is accessible to users with an existing DishHome subscription, DishHome GO marks a great opportunity for those who have yet to try OTT services to discover the many possibilities this new way of content consumption brings with it. The ease of access and flexibility in terms of devices presents an enticing entertainment package to customers.

As the years go on and technology advances, this is likely the way users will consume most of their content. Cables and satellites will become a thing of the past. DishHome GO and many others of its ilk is the future.

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