LG UHD AI ThinQ TV: Redefining TV Viewing

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LG UHD AI ThinQ TV:  Redefining TV Viewing

This evolving and future-proof technology of LG is setting new standards for smart TVs.

Of late, LG’s proprietary AI ThinQ system has taken the market by a storm demonstrating on how the Korean television giant’s innovative and advanced technologies have been revolutionising television viewing. This becomes even more clear and evident with LG redefining the overall concept of ‘smart TV’.

The ultra-high definition LG UHD TVs have been in the forefront of this viewing technology revolution. Available in 43, 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches, The LG UK6320 series sets everything perfect using the intuitive AI ThinQ operating system. Technically speaking, the system uses Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to learn about the user’s viewing and browsing choices and their voice tones and to provide an immersive experience.

Recently, the AI ThinQ system has received the over-the-air (OTA) update to incorporate the Google Assistant which is among the world’s most advanced and evolved personal digital assistants. According to Prajun Dani, product trainer at CG Electronics, the upcoming models of the LG UHD TVs will come preloaded with Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Airplay 2 and HomeKit besides the Google Assistant.

Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, while Apple Airplay 2 enables the Apple users to sync and mirror their devices to LG TVs having AI ThinQ technology. Similarly, Apple HomeKit will enable users to control their TVs through iPhones. “LG TVs are becoming future-proof with the evolving AI ThinQ and the latest additions,” he says.

The TV does all its magic through the LG’s Magic Motion remote control. Users can control the TV by their voice through the remote. The voice command is highly responsive and the remote’s onboard microphone captures the command and displays it on the TV screen so that the users can confirm the correctness of their queries.

Adding to the convenience to use the magic remote is the scroll wheel. Akin to a computer mouse, users can enjoy point and click, scroll, single click access and universal control, among several other functions of the remote.

The TV comes with 4k upscaling technology which converts full-HD contents to near-to-4K quality using its six-step upscaler. According to Prajun, TV comes with IPS 4k panel which is only used in LG TVs offers a true-to-life picture quality with distortion-free images up to 178 degrees of viewing angle. Additionally, the TV uses the 4K Active HRD technology to provide delicate details and lifelike colour with wider range of contrast.

The DTS Virtual:X is another key feature of the TV whereby users can experience 360 degrees 3D surround sound like in movie theatres. One of the striking features of this audio technology is that TV viewers now need not to connect any external speakers for the 3D surround sound.

With the introduction of the AI ThinQ operating system, LG has indeed redefined the term ‘smart television’. The 43-inch LG UHD TV carries a price tag of Rs 96,290, whereas its 49, 55 and 65 inch models cost Rs 149,990, Rs 152,890 and Rs 253,090 respectively.

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