When Autumn Falls : Punam Singh’s Journey to the Cotswolds

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When Autumn Falls : Punam Singh’s Journey to the Cotswolds

Punam Singh, assistant general manager of marketing at Hansraj Hulaschand and Co. P. Ltd, the authorised distributor of Bajaj two-wheelers in Nepal, is a frequent traveller. Singh says she is fond of reading fairytales and has a deep desire to visit towering castles and glorious vistas often found in such stories which she read about as a child. Tamish Giri of New Business Age caught up with Singh to note down her memorable trip to the Cotswolds, United Kingdom.

Delightful Trip  
My visit to a quaint village in the Cotswolds in the UK, was a memory to cherish. It was the fairytale landscape that lured me to the Cotswolds. Stone setups, beautiful orange maples shining in the autumn sun and walking trails with hospitable people - the village was straight out of a fairytale. The laid back and placid surroundings of the place are all you want in a vacation. The beauty of the village was mesmerising. 

Trip Motive
The Cotswolds was more of a secondary trip; I took the vacation to meet my close friends who are settled in London. This trip was a drive up the road from London to the Cotswold village. I was with my mother, my favourite travel companion, and we travelled together to enjoy the mother and daughter bonding.

Travelling Preference
Going to new places is not just about exploring new destinations but also creating happy and fond memories. It provides an opportunity to meet new people and explore new cultures, and you cannot get the best of it if you are in a rush to cover landmarks and locations. Sit back, relax and bask in the detailing of it, that’s the only way you can enjoy a journey. Every destination is unique in itself, and we certainly cannot deny that we were in one of the most beautiful countries which never ceases to leave you completely spellbound but often going and exploring something away from your terrain gives you a much broader understanding of things.

Hospitality and Special Cuisine
The villagers were friendlier than the city dwellers. People out there in the village were a lively, hospitable group, always keen on helping and with an ever-present warmth and smile. We were delighted with their warm hospitality and friendly response. The Cotswold’s famous trout and bread are a must-try since they are delicious; additionally, too, the English tea and cakes which I enjoyed very much.

Suitable Time to Visit
The weather across the UK is unpredictable; however, autumns are beautiful in the Cotswolds. The season boasts a pleasant combination of crisp wind and warm sun in the villages. The orange hues of the autumn leaves add more colour to the whole stone cottage setup.

Ideal Destination
I would certainly like to explore Ireland; it’s again one of the places I correlate with books and stories. The trip, whenever I plan it, will undoubtedly be with my mother as I enjoy travelling with her and we enjoy exploring places.

Travel does call for a little bit of planning and research, particularly if you are a person who likes to explore places on your own. Get your itinerary in order also make sure you know exactly what you want to cover in a particular destination.

Similarly, no journey is complete unless you try to explore the culture and cuisines, so it’s not just about visiting places but also getting involved with the culture of the place. 

Always be prepared and open to the possibilities of trying out new things. Every destination has its uniqueness, and once you discover that, no place can be a letdown. Moments and memories are made in journeys, so one should always take time out to travel and explore new places. 

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