NEPAL CAKE AND BAKE : A Song of Coffee, Cakes and Cosiness

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NEPAL CAKE AND BAKE : A Song of Coffee, Cakes and Cosiness

Nepal Cake and Bake’s charms may not be immediately apparent. This modestly sized café located in Baneshwor will win its patrons over with its rich blends of coffee, sumptuous desserts and a relaxed, friendly ambience. 

Our team ventured to Nepal Cake and Bake for lunch one fine afternoon. The café has an indoor seating space as well, we were immediately drawn to the open space situated at the café’s entrance – a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and have a chat. 

We made ourselves comfortable. The warm servers placed even warmer cups of delectable Cappuccinos on our table. Servers and their friendly disposition are often taken for granted, even then, I couldn’t help but notice the cheerful and professional nature of the servers at Nepal Cake and Bake.

Cafés like this bank heavily on their ability to provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and service is an intrinsic part of that process. Nepal Cake and Bake has all its bases covered in that sense. 

As we were sipping on our Cappuccinos, dishes began streaming in. First to arrive was Spaghetti Bolognese, paired with a glass of fresh, vivid lemonade. The spaghetti had a real personality to it, the Bolognese sauce added a strong flavour to the dish, which paired rather wonderfully with the lightness of the lemonade. The spaghetti itself was well cooked, and the dish as a whole was quite appetizing. 

We were still digging heartily into the Spaghetti Bolognese as the servers brought out plates of Chicken Wrap with a colourful side of shredded salad and a glass of Chaat Lemonade. The lemonade had a predictably tang and zest to it. It was quite refreshing. As for the wrap, it was your garden variety wrap that one can find in a lot of places, but what set it apart was the punchy sauce, it really tied the dish together.

The next stop in our culinary journey was a Chicken Pizza. It was perhaps after just two bites that our team unanimously declared it the best dish we sampled at Nepal Cake and Bake. And with good reason too – the wonderfully cooked and perfectly tender chicken, along with the warm, gooey cheese and crisp toppings, all combined wonderfully to create a truly sumptuous dish. While this shouldn’t be seen as a slight against the other dishes we sampled at Nepal Cake and Bake, the Chicken Pizza was the highlight of our lunch. 

But we weren’t done yet. Our expectation for dessert was quite high, after all, this was a café with ‘bake’ in its name. We were not disappointed, quite the contrary.

A collection of desserts were presented to us – Chocolate Ganache, Cherry Flan and a Strawberry Milkshake. All three of them were a joy to behold, with the Cherry Flan making a particularly strong impression. The desserts were the perfect amount of sweet and savoury and capped off a great lunch for our team.

Nepal Cake and Bake, with its cosy ambience, great coffee and some sumptuous dishes, offers patrons a rich experience. Whether you want some solitude with a cup of coffee and a book or a hearty meal with friends, Nepal Cake and Bake will deliver.

As stated earlier, Nepal Cake and Bake has all bases covered.

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