RENAULT TRIBER : Ultra Spacious, Ultra Desirable

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RENAULT TRIBER : Ultra Spacious, Ultra Desirable

The French manufacturer’s latest vehicle in Nepal is an attractive and feature-packed proposition.

If one harbours dreams of owning an SUV in Nepal, one needs to be prepared to shell out a significant amount. Renault’s Triber, the new 5-seater SUV, has officially been launched in Nepal, and is looking to upend that narrative. 

The Renault Triber is certainly attractively designed, it is sleek sharp and refined. The sizeable grille up front, coupled with the muscular body, bestow the vehicle with an air of authority and prestige. It is a sight to behold– a stunning, striking and well-sculptured vehicle that commands your attention. Fans of Renault will appreciate the French manufacturer’s familiar design language. 

On the interior, the Triber is above all things, functional. Renault’s marketing tag line for the Triber has been ‘Space for Everything,’ and that reflects not only in the sizeable boot space but also the spacious interior. The interior is roomy, comfortable and comes with a plethora of features. Some of them being – EasyFix seats, SUV Skid plates, LED instrument cluster, Twin AC vents, an 8-inch touch screen Media Nav Evolution System.

As for performance, the Renault Triber doesn’t lag behind. Outfitted with a 1.0-litre petrol engine, the SUV is capable of generating a max power of 721BHP at 6250RPM and a max torque of 96Nm at 3500RPM. 

Moreover, the Renault Triber has been carefully designed to meet modern safety standards, including a class-leading offering of 4 airbags. The vehicle will be available in four variants – RXE, RXL, RXT and RXZ. The Renault Triber was officially launched on January 22 at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. There was a palpable sense of excitement in the air because Renault’s latest offering is a truly noteworthy price proposition.

The entry-level variant – RXE, is priced at Rs 2.82 million. Given Nepal’s vehicle market, that is a very reasonable entry point for a 5-seater SUV. 

“We are very happy to launch our newest game changes, Renault Triber in Nepal today. As in other markets, we are hopeful that this super spacious, ultra-modular car will appeal to a wide set of customers, across segments. With its attractive pricing, Renault Triber is the perfect fit for customers who place a high premium on value proposition in a car purchase decision,” said Venkatram Mamillapalle, country CEO and managing director, Renault India Operations. 

Nikunj Agrawal, managing director of Advanced Automobiles Pvt Ltd, Renault’s authorised distributor in Nepal, was fairly enthusiastic about the Triber’s prospects in Nepal, “We have a clear objective and strategy to accelerate the expansion of the Renault brand in Nepal by increasing the sales volume every year. Renault Triber will play an important role in our expansion plans and will set new benchmarks in terms of space and modularity,” he said.

The excitement surrounding the Renault Triber is palpable, and with good reason too. The Renault Triber is a tempting option that calls for consideration. 

On the exterior, the SUV exudes power. The design language marries that power with a shade of grace to produce a product that impresses with its visual flair while communicating the functionality of the vehicle. 

The performance aspect is commendable. The engine packs enough punch for most conditions.

The decked-out interiors and the addition of a sizeable infotainment console, along with a plethora of bells and whistles, will ensure that every ride on the Triber is a pleasant one.

Perhaps most tellingly, it’s the Triber’s price that grabs attention. It’s priced fairly reasonably for a SUV and combined with its features; it makes the Renault Triber worthy of serious consideration of potential buyers.

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