Tibetan Twists at Mhendok Restaurant and Bar

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Tibetan Twists at Mhendok Restaurant and Bar

A delicious hodgepodge of oriental and continental, Mhendok surprises and delights in equal measure.

Janak Thapa, Head Chef

Janak Thapa
Head Chef

Mhendok describes itself as a Tibetan restaurant and bar influenced by home-style continental cuisine. It’s a little Tibetan, a little continental, and a bit of a combination of the two, located inside a Tibetan themed boutique hotel –Ghangri.

This eatery offers everything, including some molecular gastronomy, a fun atmosphere, fantastic ambience, and great music. Having a seating capacity of 80, this restaurant staffs 11 people. Mhendok is popular during lunch and dinner with both walk-in and hotel guests.  
Mhendok’s menu is all over the place, but they completely pull it off. They serve everything from Mo-Mo, to chicken salad, to hummus with pita bread. Why do fish flakes and tofu mayonnaise taste so good together? Did we just eat the best fried chicken of our lives? These are real questions asked throughout the course of the meal, and yes, it is the best fried chicken you might have ever eaten. Almost everything is outstanding, and the variety will have you screaming, “Anything is possible!” at the end of your meal.
The servers and cooks are in on it - whether they are slapping fire out with Gyakok: Hot Pot, capering around a fog machine or explaining what wine to drink with what cuisine. Speaking of wine, the Mezze Platter (hummus, beetroot, ham, cheese, crudités, salad, marinated olives, walnuts, gherkins, cheese stick and bread) is something you should not miss if you have wine here. Head Chef Janak Thapa, who has over twenty-five years of experience in this business, says there is no cuisine he cannot prepare; every dish he prepares is garnered with care, which makes it even more delightful.
If you’re looking for suggestions, we recommend their speciality Hot Pot Gyakok they serve in three courses. The meal starts with a serving of Chicken Dumplings dipped in two sauces as appetiser. The main course comprises of - Gyakok, which is Ghangri’s special seasonal broth with a variety of thinly sliced pieces of chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, and egg with dipping sauces and a variety of seasonal vegetables with steamed rice, Tibetan steamed bread, stir-fried noodle on the side. This broth is served in a charcoal sizzling Tibetan hot pot. Lastly, for the dessert, they serve you White Forest Cake or Green Tea. 
Apart from these fancy delicacies, they also serve more straightforward food like Biryani, stir-fried vegetables, Szechuan style-fried chicken/pork or fish. For vegetarians, dishes like Vegetable Cutlet and Grilled Tomato Paneer with Pesto are delicious. Cocktails like Blue Lagoon and Margarita are a must try. Even if you are on the non- alcoholic side, drinks such as Mint Cooler, Fruit Punch and Passion Cooler could be your go-to drinks. So what about dessert you ask? Let’s not get started on this! From cheesecake to apple crumble to brownie, every dessert is a treat for the sweet tooth.
A meal at Mhendok is one of the best overall dining experiences you can have in Kathmandu. You can count on eating some of the tastiest, most exciting dishes you’ve ever encountered here, and you’ll leave feeling more excited about your dinner than a human being should. So if you haven’t been there already, consider making Mhendok your new spot.

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