Vaastu FAQs : An expert sheds light on common queries regarding Vaastu Shastra.

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Vaastu FAQs : An expert sheds light on common queries regarding Vaastu Shastra.

Should we believe in Vaastu?
No, do not believe in Vaastu. Living in the modern era, there is nothing that we should simply believe in. First, know what Vaastu is, understand the scientific logic behind how Vaastu works and then try it out on yourself. If you are convinced, which you probably will be, then consider believing in it or not.
Going further, why do we feel uplifted at some places, while dullness surrounds us at other areas? Why is it that our sleep patterns change over different bedrooms in the same house? How is it possible that a brand’s outlet is successful at a location whereas it goes bankrupt at another location, even though they have the same product? Vaastu has answers to all these questions. It’s the Vaastu energies of the place that brings good or bad fortune to a site. Unfold these answers by just knowing about this unexplored science of Vaastu and maybe trying it out on yourself. 
What exactly is Vaastu-Shastra? 
Vaastu, in layman’s terms, is the alignment of the layout of a space as per the rules of nature to achieve a specific purpose. For example - we build a house to enjoy health, wealth and to lead a prosperous life. The goal of a factory is to produce some specific goods. The purpose of a hospital is to provide healing. Vaastu Shastra helps the space achieve the purpose it is built for. 
It may include various activities, objects, interiors, architecture etc. In ancient times, it was limited to the placement of the bedroom, kitchen or toilet. However, nowadays, it’s much more technical and scientific.
It links activities to directions. For example - a particular direction, say west, is suitable for placing a locker and another direction, say north, is right for getting new clients. In summary, Vaastu is just the exact science of planning a space with every activity and object placed in the direction it is meant for.
Why is Vaastu so important for a house?
Vaastu gives direction to our lives and helps us achieve our purpose. We desire to have a healthy and wealthy life, and Vaastu helps you reach that goal. Consider and relate yourself to each house where you lived or spent some days of your life. Each home would have given you some different experiences, may be good or bad. This is where Vaastu comes into play. 
The way a house is built and organised creates those experiences. Having a home whose structure, layout and interiors are in perfect sync as per Vaastu is bound to give you better experiences. Every house can be programmed without any demolition to be a Vaastu perfect house, thus uplifting your energies. 
What Vaastu remedy would be best for an individual?
Vaastu remedy entirely depends on what you wish to achieve and what challenges you want to overcome. Medicine can be only prescribed once the patient is diagnosed.
For example – Someone looking for a job may need to work on the north direction of his or her space. Placing a money plant in a blue bottle in the north direction is one tried and tested remedy. Further, Vaastu experts need to check for any other issues in the house that may be causing the problem. Similarly, someone undergoing a financial crunch may need to focus on the southeast direction and will be advised a set of remedies accordingly. 
How effective is Vaastu?
Vaastu is much more effective than we can imagine, but unfortunately, it can’t be measured or quantified. It is as simple as asking how effective a medicinal or surgical treatment given to a patient is. The Answer is, yes it works. It’s scientifically designed to bring relief. Vaastu is similar.
It’s like providing treatment to the space where you spend most of your time. If we do not question a medicine’s effectiveness before having it, we can also bypass the thought about how effective Vaastu is, provided a professional Vaastu expert is implementing it. Just experience it and enjoy the results. It’s worth it.
Note - Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction.
(The author is an India-based Vaastu consultant. He can be reached at [email protected])

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