Top of the Lake Restha Jha’s Thrilling Gosaikunda Trek

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Top of the Lake Restha Jha’s Thrilling Gosaikunda Trek

Founder and Executive Chairman of KFA Business School, Restha Jha is a zealous traveller with an affinity for adventure. Most of his trips have a sporting element and are of an audacious variety. Jha loves nature and considers trekking as a means to discover its surreal beauty. Tamish Giri of New Business Age met Jha in his chamber at KFA Business School to learn about his compelling and adrenaline-fuelled trek to Gosaikunda.
Trip Born from Word of Mouth
Gosaikunda is a popular trekking destination. I had known it as a sacred lake during my youth; it was a place elders around me had a keen interest in visiting. However, it turned out to be an ideal destination for adventurous adrenaline junkies as well. My friends described the Gosaikunda trail as an exciting yet challenging route. I was already conscious of Gosaikunda’s abundant natural beauty, and the promise of a challenge reeled me in further.
Mode of travel
We started our journey to Gosaikunda with a bus trip from Kathmandu. The bus took us to Dhunche in Rasuwa. We began our trek from Dhunche and walked up to Gosaikunda Lake. We planned to complete the return journey on foot, so we continued our trek down to Sundarijal through Kutumbsaang.
Attracted by Natural Wonder
The Gosaikunda trail is one of Nepal’s natural marvels. During our journey to the lake, the beautiful views of the hills, rocks and lakes mesmerised us. Apart from the primary lake at Gosaikunda, we also witnessed several other smaller lakes during our journey, which were a sight to behold. We much enjoyed trekking through the serene landscape. We felt one with nature, and the place resembled the proverbial heaven on earth.
Company of Children
While friends and work associates accompany me on most of my trips, the trek to Gosaikunda was a special occasion as my kids Selena and Sayl joined me this time. Biological twins and BBA students, the trip served as a great bonding exercise for them. Moreover, it allowed us the opportunity to know each other more intimately. We enjoyed the experience and had a great time together.
Since the trek was at a considerable altitude of 4,000 metres, it was challenging for us. On our way walking up the hills, we had altitude sickness in some high regions; we had headaches and felt short of oxygen. We were aware of the dangers of oxygen deprivation, so we decided to walk leisurely with adequate intervals while acclimatising to the altitude. Our preparation beforehand ensured our safety on the trip.
Memorable Moment
The view of Surya Kunda Lake, situated 4,650 metres above the sea was serene and mesmerising. Despite being at a high altitude, we were compelled to stay and bask in the wonder of Mother Nature’s handiwork which we were experiencing firsthand. It looked magical, and the breathtaking view of the lake had us transfixed. I cannot recall anything as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the view of the lake.
Humbling Hospitality
The warmth of the locals throughout our trek was heartening. On our way home we stayed in one of the lodges in Ghopte called ‘Namaste Lodge’. The lodge offered us excellent service. It was terrific; we were touched with the courteous hospitality of our host. She brilliantly served all of her foreign and Nepali guests.
Smart planning combined with certain essential equipment guarantees a comfortable and unforgettable trip. I highly recommend people plan smartly and determine their departure, breaks and food plans. Furthermore, they should carry trekking equipment like walking sticks and trekking shoes. Sun cream, sunglasses, round caps, water bottles, light food, warm clothes, and high altitude medicine are essential items and should be carefully tucked away in backpacks before embarking on the trek.
Suggestion to Travellers
March, April, September and October is the ideal period to visit Gosaikunda. Additionally, I request individuals to go for a round trip of the lake. Start your journey from Dhunche and end it trekking down to Kathmandu via Sundarijal through Kutumbsaang. This will help you avoid visiting the same place twice and allow you to explore new areas and landscapes. The trek to Gosaikunda is a must for all travel and trek enthusiasts, so prepare well and enjoy the wonderful trip. 

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