Need More Opportunities and Clients?

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Need More Opportunities and Clients?

Every space, building or home is designed to fulfill some specific purpose. Homes are created to give us with a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. A hospital needs to provide medication and health treatment in a professional manner. A bank works on fulfilling financial needs. If the earth energies of a particular space are not aligned with the purpose of that space, it cannot flourish in its purpose. The imbalances in those energies can be corrected and space can be programmed to get the desired results. 
For every business/industry, the prime objective is to grow their "sales" exponentially. Have you ever wondered how you can attract more clients/customers and opportunities for your business with the help of very simple Vaastu solutions? Vaastu Shastra helps you design and redesign a structure in tune with nature. The major direction which helps you to achieve this is North West to North. North, being the direction associated with the water element, is responsible for the flow of monetary opportunities. 
Try utilising the Northern directions of your space and feel the positive change. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient scripture that comes with a scientific explanation which aims to restore the balance between the energies of the space where we dwell in. Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction.
How Can Vaastu Help? 
1. Place your products, product catalogues, price lists, menu cards etc in the North West to North direction. This ensures products will be sold faster, giving a boost to the overall sales in your business. This has been tested and proven worldwide. 
2. Make sure North does not have any dustbins, clutter, heavy storage or damaged/broken articles. They may hamper the flow of customers to your space. Clean this direction and observe the change in just a week's time. 
3. If there is a toilet in the North direction, all the incoming opportunities will be drained away. Add a blue colour there, to reduce the ill effects of the toilet. This may help in some extent. Furthermore, our experts can help you with further treatments. 
4. A kitchen/pantry or any shades of the colour red in the North direction will disturb sales and the flow of incoming money. If you observe this, immediately remove the color to get back the flow of new opportunities and monetary benefits. 
5. The bedroom in the North, with the head towards the South, programmes your brain to be more focused on the sales front. It provides the required energy to sell products and services in a much better way and you will observe rising sales. Try changing your bedroom to the North, or spend most of your time in this direction, and guaranteed changes shall be observed in a month. 
6. More money will come from lockers / safes placed in the North. It means good fortune for residents. In shops or commercial spaces, cash boxes placed in the North direction is highly auspicious and brings good sales. 
7. North placed sales/marketing teams will prove to be much more beneficial in terms of achieving their targets. They will remain focused on selling their products and will get good numbers for the sales graph.  
8. Gardens to the North are considered highly beneficial. If a garden is not possible, green plants in blue pots will mean a growth in opportunities. Also, putting a money plant in a blue bottle is a tried and tested way to find a solution when we are in desperate need of new customers. 
9. A north facing study table is recommended for children preparing for jobs, interviews, entrance tests etc. Even job hunting, if done sitting in the North direction, brings instant results.

(The author is an India-based Vaastu consultant. He can be reached at [email protected])


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