Potential in Animal Feed Industry

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Animal husbandry in Nepal is undergoing the paradigm shift. Traditional husbandry is vanishing and western model of husbandry is gaining popularity in the country. Given the list of US Livestock  production system (http://www.cast-science.org), demand for the forage crop like alfalfa, clover, silage, cereals like corn, wheat, barley, millet, sorghum, triticale, oats, soyabean, cottonseed meal, safflower meal, canola meal and peanut meal, grain by-products (corn gluten, wheat bran, straw and crop residue), vegetable by-products (apple pomace, citrus pulp, almond hull, pea silages, waste fruit and vegetable), food industries by-products (bakery waste, cannery waste and restaurant waste), sugar industries by-products (molasses and beet pulp), animal by-products (meat and bone meal, tallow and feather meal),  dairy by-products( whey) alongside vitamins , minerals  etc, will certainly increase in the time to come. Nepal is pursuing the policy to mainstreaming the US model of animal husbandry.
Rapid growth in the import of animal feed also indicates that our husbandry is shifting from forage based to grain based.  In this backdrop, favorable policies and ensuring an environment conducive for investment are imperative to materialise the potentials and make Nepal self-reliant in animal feed products. 

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