Vaastu Solutions without Demolition

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Vaastu Solutions without Demolition

The use of certain techniques and tools, without demolition, can completely balance the Vaastu Energies of the space.
It is a big misconception that the only way to correct Vaastu defects is by rebuilding or demolishing the existing structure. Also, it can’t be completely true that only some basic traditional concepts, as used by many practitioners can solve the entire Vaastu Defects of a building. It needs a thorough analysis, followed by calculations to figure out scientifically how and what needs to be done to bring a Vaastu Perfect space. The use of certain techniques and tools, without demolition, can completely balance the Vaastu Energies of the space, saving the occupants from the adverse effects of Vaastu Doshas.
Before proceeding for a “Vaastu Check-up by an Expert”, here is how you can roughly check if your space has some Vaastu Doshas. 
Observe & Check the following :-
 Feeling suffocated in the building?
Not able to celebrate life?
Getting lesser results than your hard work?
Frequent losses happening in business?
Is peace and harmony missing in the house?
Are you coming across insults, defamatory language etc ...?
Suffering from frequent health problems?
The first rule is that if there is no problem, then understand that nature has already balanced Vaastu Energies. This needs no tampering in the name of Vaastu. But if there are any such or other similar symptoms, then it means that the building that we live or work in has Vaastu Doshas. This means that its architecture and interiors are negatively impacting our subconscious mind and causing undue interruptions and problems. It is the basis of Vaastu to understand these imbalances and find
a solution.
Every direction has a special element and character, which is beneficial for certain types of work or activity. If the building is constructed according to these principles, it is auspicious for the members who reside in the building.
For example,
- North direction provides money related opportunities
- South direction respect, honor
- East direction is very important for social domination
- Receipts and profits from west direction are affected.
Let us have more clarity on the topic. Vaastu is not simply about where the location of a kitchen, bath, bedroom etc. is in the house. It has much deeper levels. For example, along with the correct Vaastu directions, it’s important to balance the five elements i.e. Earth, Space, Fire, Air and Neer (water). The correct meaning of Vaastu is much more, involving the arrangement and balance of these five elements in their own right place. If fire is installed in the direction of water or if water is placed in the place of fire then it may create big chaos. 
While building or renovating a space, utmost care should be taken to arrange each element in its respective direction. This is a scientific concept and must be kept in mind. Whenever there is an imbalance in the directions and elements within the building, the symptoms related to that direction or element also tend to be negative. As soon as the symptom and its respective direction or element or both are determined, in contrast to traditional methods, energies can be balanced by using some colours, elements or signs without demolition to enjoy a positive life.
For example, according to traditional architectural practices the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. But in modern trends, if the fire direction is not practically available for the kitchen or there is a kitchen in some other direction in a flat, it is definitely a Vaastu defect and its symptoms are hundred percent negative. Solutions in traditional Vaastu include some form of construction or demolition, but #VaastuDevayahNamah can balance it through easy and simple remedies. All fire related equipment can be balanced with colours and other techniques. Thus, we can convert our challenges to fruitful results.
Note - Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. VaastuDevayahNamahsolutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction.
(The author is an India based Professional Vaastu Expert and can be reached at [email protected] or

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