Krazy Gecko : Divine Delicacies, Natural Ambience

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Krazy Gecko : Divine Delicacies, Natural Ambience

Amidst the perpetual bustle of Lakeside, Pokhara, Krazy Gecko provides a welcome respite with its serene ambience and delightful dishes

Bishal Gurung,Chief Chef

Bishal Gurung
Chief Chef

On New Year’s Day, Pokhara’s roads were brimming with tourists and locals alike. All the restaurants and cafés on Lakeside, the city’s tourist hub, were crowded, and the hustle and bustle of the city was palpable. Finding a quiet restaurant with good service was a tall order. 

Nevertheless, just 10 minutes away from Hallanchowk, we – a team of New Business Age stalwarts – found a restaurant on the beach surrounded by greenery and the natural ambience was magical. Krazy Gecko Bar and Rest, situated at the Northern part of Lakeside, is a perfect place for travellers seeking a peaceful eatery amidst the cacophony of Lakeside. 
The dining area in the restaurant is in an open space on the lakeshore. While sitting on the dining table with your food, the boating activities on the lake are clearly visible. Visitors can observe hens and ducks roaming around the dining area. Krazy Gecko, which was opened some eight years ago, has dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian patrons. As the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating space, visitors can just lie on the pool bench basking in the sun and enjoy the activities on the lake. Moreover, if you don’t like the sun, you can just enjoy the dishes inside the huts. The small city of Pokhara is also clearly visible from the restaurant. While you are having your meal, you can see paragliders above your head, and when we were in the restaurant, hot air balloons flying above Lakeside were also visible. Krazy Gecko serves a variety of amazing local and international cuisines. According to the Chief Chef of the restaurant Bishal Gurung, apart from local dishes, Krazy Gecko is famous for Mexican, Italian and Jamaican cuisines among the visitors. The list of dishes on the menu was long, we sampled a fair few dishes in the restaurant, such as Gecko Fries, Chicken Barbeque and Wild Chicken Wings. None of the dishes disappointed us. The Gecko Fries, the special potato fries of the restaurant, especially for the vegetarians, was served with cocktail sauce. Likewise, the taste of the Deep-Fried Chicken Wild Wings, which was soaked in American sauce, differed from regular cafés and restaurants. Our team wanted to order another plate of the wings.
While in Gecko, you must try local dishes like Piro Aloo, Newari Platter, Sukuti Ko Achar. For the non-vegetarians, Buffalo Wild Wings, BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings, Pork Chop and Ribs will be an amazing try. Gurung, who has almost 10 years of experience as a chef, says Krazy Gecko has earned a reputation as being a restaurant with a natural ambience and great taste. Meanwhile, the well-stocked bar of the restaurant has ‘buy one cocktail, get one free’ offer for the visitors.
If you are at Lakeside and are craving delicious food and a terrific ambience, you must visit Krazy Gecko. The taste and ambience of the restaurant won’t disappoint you.

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