Gastronomical Delights at Bhojghar Restaurant and Lounge Bar

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Gastronomical Delights at Bhojghar Restaurant and Lounge Bar

‘Bhojghar’ lives up to its name and is home to a varied and delectable menu.

Rudra Bahadur Khadka, Chef

Rudra Bahadur Khadka

Gairidhara has become a hub for high-end restaurants and cafes in the past few years. Bhojghar Restaurant and Lounge Bar, a multi-cuisine restaurant continues that trend. Bhojghar, which was established a year ago, is whatever you want it to be. It is perfect for a fun night out with friends, and it works well for a dinner with family. It’s also appropriate for an anniversary dinner, and it isn’t prohibitively expensive. 

As for the space, it’s opulent. The floors are a mix of tile and hardwood and emanate a cosy and traditional ambience. This is a somewhat casual restaurant with staff that are professional, courteous, and fantastic at what they do. There are no white tablecloths here, but they will attend to you like there are. With a seating capacity for 300 guests, this multi-cuisine restaurant hosts birthday parties, engagement ceremonies and other events. There are two private rooms for corporate meetings and lunches and there is a karaoke room as well. Cultural shows for foreign guests are available as per request. 
Restaurants that put so much focus on the showmanship aspect often end up undermining the main event - the actual meal, but the food at Bhojghar is good enough to stand on its own. The menu here is dense, with some Nepali items like Mushroom Sandeko, Gundruk Sandeko, among many others. Moreover, while there is definitely a lot of meat here, vegetarians will have options and will not feel left out from the long food menu. While the menu lists traditional-sounding Nepali items, the dishes are more complex than the descriptions let on. Bhojghar Khaja and Khana Set are standouts here and include vegetable, chicken and mutton served with rice, Phaparko Roti or Dhindo. Indian cuisine such as Chicken Biryani and Mutton Rogan Josh taste delicious here as well. Under continental selections, dishes like Lemon Caper Chicken (pan-fried chicken with lemon caper sauce, served with buttered vegetables) and Involtini di Pollo (chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese, pan-fried with green pepper, served with parsley potatoes and sauteed vegetables) are absolutely delightful. While on the vegetarian side, Chinese dishes such as Mapu Tofu and Vegetable Manchurian are a must try. One can see head chef Rudra Bahadur Khadka’s 25 years of experience as a chef and an expert in Italian cooking from the delicious Spaghetti and Pizzas served here. Catering to the high-end crowd this eatery is also home to one of the best cups of coffee in and around Kathmandu. The food is excellent; the service is perfect, and the entire experience is curated from the moment they open the door for you to the moment you leave. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the gastronomic delights.

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