Whom to Entrust the Nation?

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Whom to Entrust the Nation?


Though the prime minister and his ministers have been trying so hard, nothing is moving ahead towards prosperity. Why so? Did the Nepali voters do something wrong by entrusting the nation to Maoist-UML combine that is now NCP? Then whom else to entrust it? But alas! A serious search draws a flak. 

So many doable dreams for prosperity of Nepalis have become like fairy tales. And the list is a long one. 

People thought that it was the lack of a majority in parliament that in the past the government leaders could not perform. Therefore, they handed over the government to Oli-Prachanda team with almost two third majority. The shortfall in two-third majority is now filled with one Madhes based party too in the coalition. However, if the past 9-10 months are anything to go by, this supposedly strong government, too, has proved hardly any different. 

Therefore, the non-official think tankers are reportedly thinking on a big question:  Whom to entrust the Nation?

And there are  options, yes. But they all have so many negatives that the think tankers are stuck.  

Sample some options: 
One, reinstate the monarchy. But the former king seems enjoying the retirement. More importantly, the people themselves may not like this idea as they have already seen how the monarchy was like. 

Second, Nepali Congress (NC). But NC tree seems losing its greenery with its old and bold leaders chopping one branch each and some even busy chopping its trunk.  Third is Kamal Thapa. But no one knows when his cow will start giving milk. Rabindra’s Bibeksheel Sajha Party is yet to grow to be able to win the people’s trust. The people perhaps might call Bibeksheel a party of ‘rookies’ in terms of political experience. Let's not expect from other parties as they are yet to become party and do the party.

So, the think tankers are looking beyond the borders. Which gives options number five and six that is India and China. But, the think tankers have quickly cancelled that possibility as well.  India is not likely to take the responsibility as it is afraid that China would not like India doing so. Same applies also for China. Both don’t want to irritate each other. 

This leads to sixth option that is Universal Peace Federation (UPF). And why not? UPF has already helped some 'more than equal Nepalis' to prosper. After all, UPF recently did something no one could do; it was able to bring to the country Aung San Suu Kyi who had refused to come here even when India’s Modi and Nepal’s Oli had jointly tried to cajole her up to take part in the BIMSTEC Summit held in Kathmandu in August. In the UPF summit, however, she turned up so promptly as if she was waiting for it for long. And see how strong unifying force it was ! Hundreds of very high level people from several countries, including Pakistan and India that are in so unspeaking terms for long, turned up for this. Also from within Nepal, high level people from die hard opposing parties, such as Communist and Congress were seen standing under the flag of UPF at the summit venue with their heads bowed. 

But again, what if the protests against UPF become a bit too much? Here, there could be a problem. If so, whom should we entrust the nation?  

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