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Nicolas Caffaro, Director of International Relations, WORLDCOBNicolas Caffaro 
Director of International Relations,

Norvic International Hospital was conferred ‘The Bizz Award- 2018’ on November 16, 2018 by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB). Nicolas Caffaro, director of International Relations at WORLDCOB, conferred the award amidst a ceremony. New Business Age caught up with Caffaro at Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza in Kathmandu to talk about WORLDCOB, The Bizz Award, among other things.

Could you please tell us something about WORLDCOB?
WORLDCOB – founded in 2004 in Houston, United States – is a worldwide confederation that has over 3,000 member organisations across the world. We are present in 5 continents and over 120 countries. WORLDCOB is a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Global Compact. The vision of the organisation is to bring together business communities from different sectors to work to grow the businesses. The mission of the organisation is to promote business worldwide and boost the growth of the member organisations. Organisations can get WORLDCOB membership by submitting all the necessary legal papers and documents to WORLDCOB Further, member organisations can endorse other companies to become a member.

Please share something about ‘The Bizz Award’?
The award recognises excellence in our member organisations. We distribute the award in two categories-private and public. We look at how the company is working for the benefit of the community and other areas before conferring the award. Also, we only confer the award to our member organisations.

Fifty-two companies from thirty countries were awarded ‘The Bizz Award’ this year. Apart from Norvic International Hospital from Nepal, WORLDCOB also conferred ITECO Nepal Pvt Ltd-an engineering company with ‘The Bizz Award’.

The award helps the companies to be a good example in their community and in the international arena which will motivate them to work harder in the days to come. WORLDCOB distributes ‘The Bizz Award’ separately in three different parts of the world – Americas, Europe and AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa). We will hold the next ‘Bizz Award’ for the Americas in San Francisco. In addition, for Europe and AMEA, the locations are Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. The companies can receive the award during the main event, or WORLDCOB will come to the respective company to hand over the award in a private ceremony.

On what basis did WORLDCOB confer the award to Norvic Hospital?
This hospital has been awarded in the private organisation category. We looked at the quality of the services offered, state-of-the-art equipment and the management staff at the hospital. We also evaluated the employee satisfaction and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the hospital. Norvic has been selected for ‘The Bizz Award’ for fulfilling the criteria like business leadership, quality of services, effective and quality management system, innovation and creativity, practice of good medical ethics, patient safety and infection control mechanism and the excellent results achieved in preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and curative medical care in Nepal.

How do you see the health sector of Nepal?
During my visit this time, I have been to Norvic International Hospital and the quality of the health services it provides to its patients is of international standards. I saw advanced medical equipment in the hospital and the healthcare institution has been offering services to both domestic and foreign patients. The doctors and staffs were very friendly. However, I think Norvic should increase the area as it is growing every year.

How do you see the business sector of Nepal ?
The economy of the country is growing. The business is also growing, so there is a great chance for the companies of Nepal to be present in the international market too. By being a member of our organisation, the companies of Nepal will meet with other big companies. WORLDCOB is like a chamber of commerce, and during big events, we assemble our member organisations under the same roof. The meetings in these events will help many organisations to work and grow together.

How does ‘The Bizz Award’ motivate organisations?
We recognise the hard work of the organisations. ‘The Bizz Award’ has always motivated organisations to provide better and quality services to their customers. 

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