Sun Café and Bar : Fused Delicacies

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 Sun Café and Bar : Fused Delicacies

This simple yet sublime restaurant wins you over with its laid-back charms and a satisfying synthesis of cuisines.

Deepak Rayamaji, ChefDeepak Rayamaji

When Sun Cafe opened in August 2013, it joined a group of high-end restaurants that were cropping up around that period in the Jhamsikhel neighbourhood. The rapid restaurant expansion continues to this day and Sun Cafe - a seemingly nondescript fusion restaurant - could easily have got lost in the shuffle. However, it has not. Instead, this restaurant has become one of the best in the locality.

Sun cafe is unlikely to grab your attention from the street. If it was not for the large name board above the door, you might not even know it was there. And that’s part of its charm. It is one of the higher-end restaurants in Jhamsikhel, but it’s also not full of itself. The space is small yet modern, with big windows looking out onto its sidewalk patio. The owners, who also run Bhumi Restaurant and Bar in Lazimpat and Degga Restro Lounge in Kumaripati, have kept the interior simple with walls covered with Mithila artworks. Having a seating capacity of 55, this restaurant serves authentic Newari food along with a fusion of Indian and Italian cuisines. 

According to Sachit Shrestha, co-owner of Sun Café and Bar, they opened this restaurant targeting the local expats and foreigners; nowadays the cafe is attracting a lot of the young crowd. “We have started live Jazz music every Friday since September to cater the demand of our customers,” Shrestha mentions. Authentic Samaya Baji (a set of Newari delicacies which include beaten rice, black soybean, spicy smoked fried meat, spicy potato salad, sautéed beans, boiled egg, fried lentil cake, ginger and garlic, fried fish, spinach, potato and bamboo shoot soup) served here is wonderful and is a must try. Similarly, other Newari specialities like Alu Tareko (spicy fried potato) and Chyau Tareko (spicy fried mushrooms) is an absolute delight to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates. 

Likewise, Mughlai dishes like Tandoori Roti, Malai Kofta and Chicken Hazarvi is the Chef’s speciality and is quite tasty. Sandwiches served here differ from other restaurants since they use pita bread. You can order a variety of Pita Sandwiches including Falafel, Grilled Chicken, Tuna and all you need to know is it is delicious. 

The cafe’s specialist fusion pizzas like Chatamari Styled minced Chicken and Egg and Margherita taste different from the ones that are being served around town and is a must try here. All in all, order whatever sounds good because everything is - there’s no wrong way to approach this menu. Chef Deepak Rayamaji’s 18 years of experience in this business reflects on the food he prepares. 

Sun Cafe has figured out how to become one of the best-in-city restaurants: serve consistently fantastic food in a laid-back space every destination eater and neighbourhood local wants to spend an evening in. Nothing has been over-analysed here, it’s simply a restaurant run by a group of people who understand their neighbourhood and how people want to eat and have executed it perfectly.

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