Headlines Sports Caefe Culinary Delights and Sporting Nights

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Headlines Sports Caefe  Culinary Delights and Sporting Nights

Deftly alternating between the manic energy of a sports cafe and the tranquil aura of a refined restaurant, the centrally located Headlines executes a daunting balancing act.

In 1765, on the cobblestone streets of Paris, Boulanger ushered in a new era when he established the world’s first modern restaurant. About a century thereafter in the perennially rain-soaked county of Sheffield, England, the world’s first professional football club was formed; the genesis of the globe’s most popular sport. These worlds, separated by the English Channel and then some, were poles apart. However, globalisation and our innate inclination to talk sport led to the advent of Sports Cafes and since gaining momentum in the 1970s, they are now a trend all over the world. 

Headlines Sports Cafe, nestled in the plum real estate of Durbar Marg, is a proud continuation of that trend, albeit sprinkled with a few unique traits of its own. Upon entering the multi-purpose establishment moonlighting as a Sports Cafe, I was instantly drawn to the outdoor seating area. Located on the top floor of Sherpa Mall, Headlines offers a delightfully resplendent view of Durbar Marg and the greater Kathmandu Valley. 

The sumptuous interior design and atmospherics do a fair job of challenging that view; the design language fuses simplicity and class, adequately combining the best of both worlds.

Large screen TVs and massive projectors adorn the restaurant, providing pleasant viewing angles for sports enthusiasts. The audio, courtesy of Bose, amplify the experience. Ramesh Gurung, the owner, says he has envisaged a wider canvas for Headlines, one not restrained by the tag of ‘sports cafe.’ A 15-year veteran of the restaurant sector, Gurung is very much a hands-on owner and even curates the menu himself. “We are a multi-purpose restaurant; our fusion menu caters to multiple cuisines. You can enjoy a game or a casual dining experience.” 

The dining experience was superlative. I started out with a rejuvenating Mint Lemonade, the perfect way to beat the Kathmandu heat; it also doubles as an effective palette cleanser. Thereafter, every dish was a delight to my taste buds.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Cajun Potato Wedges, wherein a crunchy exterior dovetails with a soft interior, triggering an explosion of flavours. The Roasted Chicken Chilly and the Lemon Chicken Skewers also warrant a special endorsement. There are options aplenty for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike: Piri Piri Chicken, Tomato Basil Spaghetti, Grilled Duck Breast, Caesar Salad; you certainly won’t be left wanting for options. 

Similarly, the well-stocked bar is a welcome sight to the alcoholically inclined. From essentials like Red Label to premium single malts such as the 18-year Glenfiddich, Headlines serves it all. For beer and wine lovers, there is an appreciable assortment of various brands and types.

Gurung divulged Headlines has a seating capacity of approximately 170, it’s also equipped with private rooms and conference rooms, ideal for a private get together or a business meeting, respectively. Also present is a Stage, where open mic stand-up comedy and musical performances take place routinely.

Whether you want to enjoy the weekend match or go out for a get together with friends and family, this quality restaurant will ensure your outing will be the headline of your week, pun intended. 

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