“The ability to focus is important for a leader”

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PS Rathore, International Motivational TrainerPS Rathore
International Motivational Trainer

PS Rathore is an international motivational trainer, professor of strategy for CA students and a strategist for business houses. He is renowned for his ‘fire walk’ motivational technique. He recently conducted a seminar "Strategic leadership framework for success" in the capital on August 10-11.  The British Parliament has recognised him as the best International Fire Walk Trainer and Motivational Guru. While travelling to Vaishno Devi, the power of the divine encouraged him to adopt motivation training and quit his successful teaching career, says Rathore. His desire to contribute to society also attracted him to the profession. He says he is enjoying his current vocation and finds it glamorous and engaging. It has helped him travel to over 100 countries and motivate over 6 million individuals.

Your motivational techniques are unique compared to others. What are the advantages of your techniques?
My technique focuses on our culture, which teaches us to respect others. The primary philosophy relates to happiness, if you are not happy, no matter who you are you have no value of life. The technique focuses on establishing long-term relationships and being happy rather than rich. It tries to revive the deep-rooted culture of our civilisation, which people admire and follow. 

You are famed for your fire walk motivational training, what are the benefits of adopting it as a motivational tool?
People presume fire walk technique focuses on eradicating fears but it’s not true, I don’t do that. In our culture fire is a sign of purity; couples make their marriage vows in front of the fire to tackle the obstacles of life together. I use it as a tool to get people to make commitments to each other. In presence of the fire, they commit to making their life successful and happy. Commitments are essential for individuals to focus on their goals and are necessary to become successful and happy.   

What are the key components of being a good strategic leader? 
Your energy and ability to maintain relationships is crucial. Forgiveness is another important component because negativity is a distraction. Lastly, the ability to focus is important for a leader. 

Any success stories of individuals you have trained? 
There are numerous success stories of individuals I trained. To be specific, Gurucharan Singh, who portrays Roshan Sodhi in Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma, a popular TV show, is one. Additionally, Sushant Singh Rajput, the Bollywood actor, Dr Harsh Vardhan, former Minister of Science & Technology of India and Nirajan Kandel, deputy CEO of Reliance Life Insurance Nepal have attended my training.

What aspect of Nepal attracts you the most? Do you adopt any special techniques to motivate individuals here?
I’m fascinated with Nepal. I'm a devotee and follower of Lord Shiva and Kathmandu, Pashupatinath to be precise, is where he resides. I can feel him here and I am attracted to it. This is the place of my learning and being here brings me peace. Regarding the techniques, they are similar across the globe but in Nepal, I use five additional modules.

Do your techniques vary according to the country?
Apart from Nepal, I think the techniques are similar all over. There are often slight changes according to the situation. I include dance, music and Shiva Trance here and focus on pure corporate techniques everywhere else.

Which particular facet of your training do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy almost every aspect but to be specific I love Shiva Trance because it helps me to read the minds of people and hypnotise them. 

Which one out of your many honours are you the most proud of? Any particular moment in your career you remember fondly?
The Times of India award, which I won against Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru), is something I didn't expect. However, the success stories of the people I train bring me greater satisfaction. Being recognised as the best Fire Walk Trainer and Motivational Guru by the British Parliament is the most memorable moment of my life. 

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