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“NewBiz awards has gained trust of colleges”​

Kishore Thapa, Chairman, Jury Panel, Former Secretary, Nepal GovernmentKishore Thapa
Chairman, Jury Panel,
Former Secretary, Nepal Government

The selection process started with a list of 1,274 colleges with management faculty from across the country. Like in the previous editions, websites of the colleges were the first basis for short listing them. It is because we have given importance to transparency, considering the websites as the first place to get necessary information about the colleges. 

It is a common practice the world over to identify organizational excellence in any sector. After the first phase of selection, we were left with 310 colleges. The second stage of selection was based on VMO (vision, mission and objective) statements of the colleges. The number of colleges came down to 170 after the second short-listing.  

We emailed forms to the colleges. We also provided online forms to be filled by the educational institutions. Then we extracted extra information from their websites, asked for additional data and confirmed through phone calls.

Out of 170 colleges, only 30 colleges submitted the forms. Some of them informed us that they were not willing to enter the award process. But we decided to include even such colleges in the process as it is the right of parents to know about the situation of educational institutions where they spend huge amount of money for their children’s education. It is also the duty of the media to disseminate information about the colleges. 

While short-listing the colleges, there came a situation when almost no college from some provinces could be selected. But as the policy required a winner from each province, some colleges were selected on the basis of the information from their websites.

Pleasant Experience
It was found that the trend of colleges creating their websites, publishing their information and activities had increased compared to previous years.

It was found that community colleges in remote districts also have been effectively managing websites and are operating with good level of educational activities.

Requests from the colleges to extend the deadline of the form submission made us feel that NewBiz Rating-Ranking-Awards has been gaining their trust and respect. 


“Next editions can be further refined”​

Bkesh Pradhanga, Managing Director Jade ConsultBkesh Pradhanga
Managing Director
Jade Consultt

The overall selection process this year was much more effective compared to the previous editions. This time, we evaluated the participating B-schools in a different way. The jury had analysed the data of the colleges in a detailed manner. 

Given the past and this year’s experiences, the selection process can be more refined in the next edition of the NewBiz B-schools Rating-Ranking-Awards. We have felt a need to obtain additional data for initial information about the colleges. Overall, the B-schools are doing well. However, there are rooms for improvement. The colleges should focus on improving their physical infrastructures and also the quality of the education. Doing so will help raise their standards. 





“Selection process was transparent”​

Sailendra Raj Giri, Founder, Chairman and MD Merojob.comSailendra Raj Giri,
Founder, Chairman and MD

It was a tough task to choose the best colleges from those across the country in different categories maintaining the standard and reliability of the awards. But, I am more than happy to be in the jury to select the top B-schools of Nepal.

The selection process was made more transparent as compared to the previous editions. The rating-ranking awards show there are many good colleges in the mofussil. So, this programme is a success. There are a lot of changes to be made in the education sector. Both students and schools should understand the need and the demand of the job market. The students are getting less exposure. B-schools need to work sincerely to address this issue.






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