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“Our focus is on providing practical education”​

Prof Bijay KC, Dean Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)Prof Bijay KC,
Kathmandu University School of Management

Whether awarded or not we are always doing our best to make Kathmandu University School Of Management (KUSOM) the best management school. This award is a recognition of our endeavours. We have been trying to provide effective and practical education to our students. We focus on the application part and how it can be applied to solve problems in the real world. We send students to different companies for internship which helps them learn about the problems of business houses. Another special feature of KU is Rural Enterprise Services under which we send students to rural parts of Nepal. I wish the criteria for selection would be more transparent in the next year. The criteria should not be solely guided by the peripheral activities but it should be to the point on how they are teaching students to handle problems and how confident their students are. 






“Student opinions should also be incorporated in the selection process”​

Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Principal and Managing Director Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)Bishnu Raj Adhikari,
Principal and Managing Director
Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)

KCM is the first college to start BBA classes in Nepal. The award has put pressure on our college to perform better. Such awards motivate you to continuously do better in the future. Corporate houses can financially support students deprived of quality education. They can also help the sector by sending managers of different departments to appear in business colleges as guest speakers and teach skills to the students. Our students are sent to different organisations for internship but they don’t train them properly. If they train students in their internship period, they can get trained manpower later but if they don’t, they are destined to get the same manpower. They hire after taking an exam and later invest in trainings. I am hopeful for such change in the future. We have been putting all our efforts in providing quality practical education. This has been our key objective from the time of the establishment of KCM. I can proudly say that we provide international level education to our students. It would be better if the opinions of students who have passed out of the colleges are incorporated while evaluating colleges. 





"The award proves we are really doing well in BBA programmes"​

Prof Dr Vibhuti Jha' Professor-Marketing & Director (CRE), Kathmandu College of ManagementProf Dr Vibhuti Jha
Professor-Marketing & Director (CRE), Kathmandu College of Management

It certainly feels great to get recognised for your works. This award proves that we are really doing well in BBA programmes. I appreciate the initiation of New Business Age in help fostering management education in Nepal.  Our main objective is to provide quality education to the students and we are moving ahead accordingly. The event has been very nicely organised. The criteria for selection were shared to all colleges. This adds to the transparency and impartiality of the entire awarding process. The jury has done great work in selecting the colleges. The coordination part, however, was a bit lacking which can be improved in next edition of the NewBiz B-School Rating-Ranking-Awards. 







“Maintaining this position is more challenging for us”

Dr Nar Bahadur Bista, Principal, Uniglobe CollegeDr Nar Bahadur Bista 
Principal, Uniglobe College

Winning the award is really graceful for us. Nevertheless, maintaining this position in the coming years is more challenging. The award has made us more responsible in our sector. Management colleges have been putting their efforts in maintaining relationship with the business sectors.Nevertheless, the businesses seem too busy in their own activities. Corporate leaders and businessmen aren’t engaged much on sharing entrepreneurship skills to the college students. This has created a human resource gap on what businesses seek and colleges produce. However, there are efforts to minimise such gap as many new management colleges are trying to teach real world applications of the education to their students. Unigloble College is carrying out various programmes including field visits, interaction with businesspersons and inviting them as guest lecturers. Information about the award and selection criteria could be disseminated in different ways to add effectiveness to the overall awarding process. Last year, we were unaware about this programme. This year, we contacted New Business Age and efforts were put to meet the criteria. Thus, we succeeded in winning the award. 




"This year’s award has increased our enthusiasm”​

Ramesh Kumar Chauhan,  Programme Director, BBA in Banking and Insurance  ACE Institute of ManagementRamesh Kumar Chauhan 
Programme Director, BBA in Banking and Insurance 
ACE Institute of

We follow the principle of ‘competing with self and cooperating with others’. We basically don’t compete with other institutes and colleges but the award we have received this year has definitely increased our enthusiasm. We have focused on practical education. We invite professionals from different industries to deliver guest lecturers from time to time. If we take part in different activities by organising events like business quiz, essay writing competition, case analysis competition or management fests by collaborating with industries, the students can know about the past experiences of business persons. They can learn from their expertise at such events. Last year we bagged the title, this year we were listed in Top 10 and we are confident that we have done much better this year than the year before. 







“Award has added to our responsibilities”​

Anil Kedia, Chairman DAV College of ManagementAnil Kedia, Chairman
DAV College of

The award has increased our challenges. We have been awarded the Business School Award for three consecutive by New Business Age. This has added to our responsibilities. We have to maintain the quality of our education to maintain our position. The award has encouraged us to do better in the coming days. I myself am from business background and opened a business school. As an entrepreneur, I know what kind of manpower I need to fill in the gap in business. I poured in my experience of entrepreneurship in my college which cannot be acquired from book only. Book knowledge is very important but it is not everything. So, we developed courses that cover soft skills like communication, leadership, interpersonal skill and personality development. Job placement for 90 percent of our students has been completed. 





“We are trying to bridge gaps in education and practical applications”​

Uttam Kumar Regmi, Campus Chief Purbanchal University School of ManagementUttam Kumar Regmi
Campus Chief
Purbanchal University School of Management

It’s been 22 years of the establishment of our college. The award today has also proved that we are one of the pioneer colleges in Nepal. It has inspired us to move forward with diligent in the education sector. This will also motivate us to create a good environment for the students to help shape their future. We need to have strong relationship between the colleges and businesses so as to foster management education in the country. In order to make the course relevant to real life practice, we are tying up with many business. We are linking up with different aspects of practical education like internship, course designing etc. This way we are bridging the gap between the college and business. It is really the remarkable programme. I think the programme can be excellent by carrying out college-visit programme and analysing their infrastructure and management system. It would be better to analyse the colleges beyond the information basis to boost the fair practice for the award in coming days.





“More interaction between B-schools and businesses needed”​

Prof Dr Renuka Joshi,  Campus Chief Padhmakanya Multiple CampusProf Dr Renuka Joshi 
Campus Chief
Padhmakanya Multiple Campus

We bagged three titles this year. This will have a huge positive impact on our activities. The relation between business colleges and businesses is not weak. But there is a lack of interaction between them. Business schools will be encouraged if we organise such award events and seminars resulting in fruitful interactions. The event has become inclusive as previously it was only limited to the Kathmandu valley but this year colleges from different provinces have been incorporated which is a good thing. The award by New Business Age should include more institutions. 







“Recognition of our dedication in hospitality education”​

Surya Kiran Shrestha, Deputy Head of Department and Programme Coordinator (BHM), Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM)Surya Kiran Shrestha
Deputy Head of Department and Programme Coordinator (BHM), Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM)

This award is an answer to the questions raised about the quality of education and dedication of our institution, for being a government institution, in teaching hotel management.

The award is recognition of our dedication to teaching hotel management and we will move forward with more dedication to maintain it. It is true that there is a gap in the linkage between business colleges and real-time business. We produce manpower but do they meet the demands of the market? I think we are lacking interaction which is a necessity at this point. 









“Best efforts needed to be the best”

Krishna Prasad Poudel, Director, GoldenGate International CollegeKrishna Prasad Poudel
Director, GoldenGate
International College

We are satisfied with the programme. We had topped in Hotel Management category in the programme of last year while we are in top ten this year. This year's award is an opportunity for us to realize that we need our best efforts to be the best. The award reveals that other colleges are also doing their best. 

Effort from single entity is not enough to minimize the gap between business colleges and business sector. Government, educational institutions and corporate sector all shall make equal effort to strengthen the relation between business education and business sector. Fairness also plays vital role to buildup the strong relationship. 






“Colleges should be made aware of the selection criteria”​

Arun KC,  Principal, Nesfield International CollegeArun KC 
Principal, Nesfield
International College

This award has encouraged us to progress in different aspects in providing quality education. After the theoretical classes, we continue to tie up for joint venture with various corporate houses to expose our students with business practically. Moreover, such bonding will certainly generate skilled human resources for development of the nation. 

The colleges across the country should be made aware of the selection criteria. This will motive them for overall development of their college while making their effort to be eligible in the criteria. As a result, it helps in rendering quality education as well. 






“The award has energized us”​

Kiran Kc, Principal, LA GRANDEE International CollegeKiran Kc
Principal, LA GRANDEE International College

I think our hard work has finally paid off. Receiving this award has filled us with energy to do better in the days to come. I think the educational system is moving in a traditional way. Generally, the educational institutions have been focusing on only lectures and some student activities. But, LA GRANDEE has always been focused on student activities more compared to regular curriculum.

I think the main challenge these days is to develop learning attitude in students. So, we are trying to create a self-learning environment, where students gain something by doing.

We see a huge lack of co-ordination between the business groups and the business colleges. The curriculum that the students are taught is in line with the international programs. I think the corporate sector also should see educational sector in a different way. Business houses should convey their requirements to the university so that a different learning environment can be created in the colleges. If this is done in a proper manner, the whole educational system will see a drastic change in no time. This will also develop professional skills in students. This will be a win-win situation for both corporate sector and educational sector. 



“Encouraging initiation of NewBiz”​

Dr Deepak Shakya, Director Birgunj Public CollegeDr Deepak Shakya
Birgunj Public College

Birgunj Public College was established at a time when two-three management colleges had opened and closed in Birgunj. Our college is a private institution, but was named public because we think educational institutions are for the public.

We established the college aiming at providing education to lower middle class students at a very affordable rate. I am delighted to have bagged this award. This award has motivated the college to work even harder in the future. The focus of the college from the very beginning has always been providing quality education at an affordable rate so that the students don’t have to travel to Kathmandu and abroad for further studies.

Every year, the college organizes corporate leaders meet. I think we are the only college in Nepal to organize such kind of meet. In the meet, we bring all the leaders of big business houses, human resource managers, industrialists of our province under the same roof for discussions.

This step by the college has been very fruitful because during the discussion we ask them what they want from the students. This develops corporate culture in the students. 


“Motivation to work better”​

Padam Raj Joshi, Campus Chief Kailali Multiple CampusPadam Raj Joshi
Campus Chief
Kailali Multiple Campus

A programme like this is a big source of encouragement for the educational institutions. Over the last five years, NewBiz B-School Rating-Ranking-Awards has been a great medium to motivate and promote management education across the country.

I want to extend my thanks to the organisers for such an inspirational event. Students, teachers and all the stakeholders related to the college are motivated. Now, the college will work even harder to make education and curriculum better. There is a lack of co-ordination between the colleges and business houses. The colleges are struggling for job placements for the students. Earlier, the college having huge number of students used to be called excellent. But these days, the colleges which can give immediate job placement to students are considered as excellent colleges. So, the corporate sector should also discuss with the colleges to solve the issues. 





“Use of IT for making selection and awarding more effective”​

Laxman regmi, Campus Chief Rapti Babai CampusLaxman regmi
Campus Chief
Rapti Babai Campus

I thank New Business Age for its initiation to include mofussil colleges in the awards. The award is a major source of inspiration in our endeavour to provide quality education. 

Definitely, there is a problem for students to link and collaborate with corporate and business houses. We have been offering auditing package and a three-month bookkeeping training to the fourth year students of BBS. Our students are highly demanded in the areas of banking, auditing and various types of businesses. I think all management colleges should focus on developing self-skill as well while teaching them how to link the education with business sector in the market. Other colleges can learn these things from Rapti Babai Campus. 

To enhance better transparency in selection criteria for award, a software application can be developed with all the indicators. With this, all the colleges can input their information through online. Afterward, a team with the representatives from best colleges could be created for testing and verifying the information.  



“An important knowledge sharing platform”​

Chabi Acharya, Campus Chief Sahara CampusChabi Acharya
Campus Chief
Sahara Campus

We were able receive the award in a relatively short period of the college establishment. With the programme, New Business Age has created an appropriate platform for corporate houses and management colleges to come together and share their experiences. It has created an environment for sharing knowledge and human resources between education sector and business sector. This can help businesses to achieve their organisational goals and management colleges to enhance the quality of their education. 







“Colleges should focus on building entrepreneurship”

Shree Krishna Neupane, Campus Chief, Adikavi Bhanubhakta CampusShree Krishna Neupane
Campus Chief, Adikavi Bhanubhakta Campus

The importance and significance of any award carry a big meaning for an institution. For instance, the Quality Assurance (QA) Certification has helped us to have students in a good number. The NewBiz B-School Rating-Ranking-Awards 2018 will be another key milestone in terms of recognition for us. This will help us to enhance the quality of education and also in enrollment of students. It is indeed a very difficult task to select colleges from across the country. 

Currently, there is a need of coordination between employers and educational institutions to produce the right type of human resource. Moreover, the focus of colleges should be on building entrepreneurship rather than just producing employees.






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