“Distilleries, bottling and chemical plants of Mumbai (India) are our target customers”

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Sandeep Sood, Director Vapco Engineers Pvt LtdSandeep Sood
Vapco Engineers Pvt Ltd

Established in 2011, Vapco Engineering Pvt Ltd has emerged as a complete solution provider in the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) sector. With seven years legacy, the engineers of the company have been providing nonstop solution in different sectors including  alcohol plant, starch plant, chemical process plant, effluent treatment plant( zero liquid discharge system), among others.

It is a supplier of plants and machineries with advanced technology. Company’s core team has dominant experience in EPC and is committed to providing green and sustainable solution with highly energy efficient and integrated technology. Sandeep Sood, Director of Vapco Engineers Pvt Ltd was recently in Kathmandu. New Business Age caught up with Sood to talk about the company, its services and market prospects in Nepal.

What is the purpose of your visit?
I am here on an official visit to explore business prospects in Nepal. The country has lots of potential in terms of potable alcohol and other segments like effluent treatment plants, non-spirit plants. We are trying to identify these potentials. We will work with local business partner and develop them.

Please tell us about Vapco Engineers.
The word 'Vapco' comprises two technical terms 'vap'(vaporization) and 'co' (condensation). We are a set of technocrats dealing with any process plant. We now have about 50 people in the company.

Our business lines consist of alcohol plants, starch plant, evaporation system, drying system, chemical industry and cement industry while oxygen and nitrogen plants are our latest business lines. At present, our annual turnover is about INR 350 million. Our target for this year is INR 600 to 700 million.

What types of services and solutions are you providing in Nepal? How has been the market in Nepal for your products and services?
Right now, we are exploring business prospects in Nepal. We are very keen to provide complete plants and machineries for extra neutral alcohol business here. Potable grade alcohol is also another big market here.

We also have evaporation and drying systems, chemical industry, and effluent treatment plants which we can supply to the Nepali market. We are looking for oxygen and nitrogen plants in Nepal where we can provide our service.

Because of certain problems in Nepal, the market did not grow much. As Nepal is coming up with new industrial policies and new investments, I see lots of potential in the coming days. The market is small, yet there are certain areas where we can work.

How do you view the growth of alcohol industries in Nepal? Who are your major clients here?
The trend of drinking potable alcohol is growing in Nepal. As Nepal has many bottling plants in the country, there is a lot of potential. 

Our major clients will be potable alcohol companies and bottling companies. There is a huge list of targeted customers like Himalayan Distillery, Yeti Distillery, Aruna Distillery etc.  All of the existing distilleries, bottling plants and chemical plants are our target customers. 

How is the presence of Vapco globally and in South Asia?
Currently, we are present in India. We have small presence in Africa and do not have much presence in other countries. Nepal is one of the countries where we are trying to explore our business prospects. 

Are there any plans of Vapco for business expansion in Nepal?
We will be setting up our office here within the next year. We will have an office in Southeast Asia. The approach to our industry’s expansion will be eco-friendly and sustainable. 

How is Vapco different from other service suppliers?
There are very few companies that can provide complete solutions required for the potable alcohol industry. We come as a differentiator, technology provider and help customers in the development of complete plants. We aim to save the environment with our energy-efficient and integrated technology. 

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