“ESET products offer a multi-layered security to the users”

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Parvinder Walia, Sales and Marketing Director  ESETParvinder Walia
Sales and Marketing Director 

ESET, a Slovakian IT security company is a global brand with over 100 million users in 202 countries and territories. Cloud Link & Security Enterprises – the authorised distributor of ESET products in Nepal introduced NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security, ESET Multi Device Security and ESET Smart Security Premium. Parvinder Walia, sales and marketing director of ESET - the Asia Pacific and Japan, was recently in Kathmandu to launch ESET’s flagship products. New Business Age caught up with Walia to talk about the products and overall antivirus market in Nepal. Excerpts:  

What are the prominent network security threats? How do anti-virus products help alleviate such threats? 
Security threats depend on the type of user you are. There are general internet users who engage in activities like social media, e-commerce and browse the web in general. Such users face threats such as identity theft, cyber bullying, loss of money and personal data. The other type of users is business houses. Ransom ware and malware attacks are the major threats that businesses face. In targeted attacks, hackers attempt to steal personal information from general internet users and customer information from business houses. Ransom ware attack is one of the prominent threats that help in stealing crucial data from companies. The attackers prefer business houses over general users because the fear of losing important data and its probable misuse compels the company to pay a handy ransom.  

Installing software programme alone isn’t enough for protecting data. Users have to be educated about the ways to use the software and how to protect their information. They should also be conscious about what to put online and what not and about legitimate security software. By enabling basic security, people can protect their crucial data. If it is not enough, they should install different layers of security based on the sensitivity of the data. 

Can you please describe in brief the product portfolio of ESET? 
ESET has a wide range of products for consumer to business segments offering multi-layered security to the users. In consumer section, we have an entry level product called ESET NOD 32 anti-virus which has the additional feature anti-spyware protection. We also have ESET Internet Security, an advanced product for consumers who make online purchases and use online banking. It also has anti-theft feature set and parental control. 

We also have premium range products for users who want to go one step further with data protection. Users will get additional feature - password manager and inbuilt encryption capability. We have ESET Multi-Device Security pack that can be used in up to five devices. It has unilicense so it can also be used in android platforms. There is ESET Smart-Security Premium which is available in one, three or five device options. 

How do you observe the antivirus market in Nepal? 
As far as the market is concerned, it has grown tremendously. A lot has changed since I visited here in 2010. Back then, there was a fat chance of people buying anti-virus products. Now, the presence of telecommunications companies has expanded drastically and more people have access to smartphone and internet. With increase in the internet speed, more people are using internet. Similarly, internet security threat has also increased. 

What makes ESET different? 
The primary job of an antivirus is to protect the device it is installed in. ESET is a better option in terms of low system footprint usage, high scanning speed and simple user interface and consumption of lesser computing resources.   

How has been the partnership with Cloud Link & Security Enterprises? How will ESET work with Cloud Link in the days to come? 
We are very happy to be associated with Cloud Link because they have wide dealership coverage in Nepal. In over one year of our partnership, we have achieved good results. Our consumer product revenue has grown significantly. Having a partner like Cloud Link who understands the Nepali market really and brings in the local expertise well is a bonus for us. 

What do you think will the future of system protection software look like? 
With introduction of new devices and operating system, security companies need to quickly adapt to changing technology and create updated protection net. The use will increase further in the future because people now understand the vulnerability of their data on the internet platform. 

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