Vaastu Tips - Do It Yourself

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Vaastu Tips - Do It Yourself


North East 
North-east is the most vital direction in a house. Placing temple in this direction is advised to have divine blessings. Avoid any dustbin or toilet in this direction. Keeping this direction enlightened and clean invites positivity. Even, keeping the kitchen gas stove is not advised as it may lead to aggressive nature of residents. 

East direction governs our growth in all prospects of life. It also connects us to the world. Having a lawn, lush green plants is advisable. Shades of green in east promote good social connections. The main entrance between east and north directions is considered to be auspicious for the residents. This direction holds much benefits’ for people in politics and administration.  

South East 
The fire element is represented by the south-east direction. It is responsible for the cash flow in our space. Also, the auspicious events of our lives happen when south-east is balanced. Having kitchen gas stove, heating equipment in south-east is advised to balance the direction. Water boring, well, toilet, etc in this direction can cause huge financial losses. Having entrance to the property in south-east should be avoided. It may cause thefts and accidents.

South direction is responsible for giving us name and fame. Also, it gives a relaxed state of mind and thus a peaceful sleep. This is a good direction for having a bedroom. Meditation practiced here is good. Even kitchen can be placed here. The main entrance, if lying between south and south-east brings prosperity. 

South West
South-west is a crucial zone and governs our personal relationships. Kitchen or toilet must be avoided in this direction. The same may cause serious challenges in relationships. Placing family pictures here creates strong bond among the family members. Main entrance lying between south to south-west should be avoided. It increases expenditures and cause our efforts to yield no result. 

This is a good direction for having a bedroom.  Specially, for people in business, this direction creates prosperity in business. Financial gains also depend on the energy of west. Placement of aafe or locker is recommended in this direction. Having red or green colour in this direction may cause financial troubles.

North West
This direction holds importance for legal matters, finances, taxations and our support system. Bedroom can also be placed here, especially for those involved in banking, finance or legal business. Having toilet in north-west may invite legal troubles. Organised storage may also be placed here. 

This direction majorly imparts the residents with Incoming money. Having water body is the most beneficial here. Even plants are good here and bring more opportunities. Again a good place for bedroom. North provides growth opportunities, promotions, increased earnings, etc. Locker and safe can also be placed here. Avoid shades of red as it may hamper the incoming money. 

This is just a brief description of Vaastu working. Vaastu working is carried out in much more detail. Avoid any demolition or reconstruction just by reading above article. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Please be careful in measuring the directions, as even slightest variation may hamper the results. 

General tips for restoring positivity in the house : 

  • Declutter and organise storage
  • Check and clear north-east
  • Check and clear south-east
  • Use rock salt to mop the floor
  • Repair old electronics or sell them
  • Igniting incense sticks
  • Playing chanting mantras
  • Removing negative images and objects
  • Repair old watches and correct time
  • Use colours as per Vaastu
  • Remove broken objects
  • Add fresh flowers and plants

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