Alpas: A Mix of Elegance and the Casual

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Alpas: A Mix of Elegance and the Casual

No need for any fuss- just plonk yourself down and enjoy some fine food at one of Lazimpat’s hidden gems.


Surya Chaulagain, Head ChefSurya Chaulagain
Head Chef

Located on a side street in Lazimpat, Alpas is an excellent, creative, and modern restaurant with an ever-changing menu listing some unusual dishes. Opened only six months ago, this restaurant, over a relatively short period of time, has managed to stand apart from the crowd of eateries in Lazimpat. Things are laid back here, so laid back that they’re almost horizontal, as our school reports used to say. It’s a walk in and plonk yourself down kind of place. It doesn’t matter whether you’re eating in, taking food away or a takeaway bloke picking up - you’re more than likely to be offered a drink. In fact, the atmosphere is a bit like going to a friend of a friend’s house: you don’t know the person but you immediately feel welcome, and odds are you’ll have a drink in your hands within seconds. This vibe is undoubtedly set by the man welcoming you and the name on the door. The great thing about Alpas is that it’s not only the food that surprises you but the atmosphere too. The staff are well trained and polite.

With a seating capacity of 120, this restaurant has three different kinds of seating arrangements lounge, fine dining and low seating. They also have two separate small halls for meetings and birthday parties all of which are managed by 23 staff. They play live music every Friday and have happy hours from three to six pm daily. 

The multi-cuisine Alpas is a place for those who are looking for delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. Non vegetarian snacks like Crispy Thread Prawn and Chicken Scallop is an absolute delight to the palate. Dragon Chicken (Chicken marinated with Chinese herbs, spices and grilled, served with rice and Szechwan sauce) is a bit spicy but very tasty. Continental cuisines like Chicken Breast Roulade (Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushroom, bacon served with rosemary sauce) and Pork Chop (Grilled pork served with mashed potato, sautéed vegetable and rosemary sauce) is a must try when you visit here. Vegetarian snacks like Paneer Cheese Corn Tikki and Sauteed Sweet Corn are delectable. On the Indian side, Tariwala Murgh (boneless chicken cooked in red and yellow gravy with Indian spices), Chicken Biryani and Tandoori chicken wings are delicious. 

According to the Head Chef Surya Chaulagain, the current favourite is Naan Cheeza (a combination of naan and pizza). This restaurant is usually very crowded during the weekdays and has a majority of corporate and diplomatic clients. Along with their regular food menu, this eatery has a separate food menu for children. There is also a small area for children in the restaurant.

Having a wide ranging drinks menu, this restaurant serves a host of classic cocktails and mocktails like Strawberry Margarita (Tequila, Lime Juice, Strawberry liqueur and Strawberry Puree), Pineapple Passion (Fresh Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Fresh orange Juice) to Whiskey, Vodka and Beers, among many others.

If you’re looking for a place where the food is how it should be, then look no further. One can’t help but think that this is what eating is meant to be - shareable without being ‘a small plate restaurant’, filling without being a fry up, elegant without a gel in sight. Come here for lunch or for dinner or for a nibble and a glass of wine. Come here when it’s shut so you get annoyed and immediately feel compelled to revisit.

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