Icekraft: A Hub of Sweet Delights

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 Icekraft: A Hub of Sweet Delights

An Indian ice cream franchise is redefining dessert culture in Kathmandu.

Shankar Chaudhary, Head ChefShankar Chaudhary
Head Chef

Not only is Icekraft a stylish dessert parlour, it is also quickly becoming a favourite dessert hub for Kathmandu residents. Within just two months of its opening, Icekraft has been able to satisfy the sweet tooth of Kathmanduites trying out its menu while leaving them craving for more.

Located at the busy residential-cum-business area of Kamaladi, this dessert parlour is an outlet of the Mumbai-based Indian franchise. With completely blue and white interiors, Icekraft, which has a seating capacity for 35 people,makes you feel like you are on a different planet altogether where your palate is satiated with fresh and delicious desserts. Its menu has some definite highlights, but you’ll also be hard-pressed to find anything disappointing. At Icekraft, prices are reasonable and portions are filling. 

Icekraft employs nine well-trained staff who advise you on the perfect dessert. Head Chef Shankar Chaudhary has been a part of the Icekraft franchise since it was first opened in Mumbai nine years ago. He says he is amazed to see how the popularity of Icekraft has grown in such a short span of time.

You can munch on everything from salads, fries, icecream, sandwiches and pancakes. But you must not miss their chocolate waffle with ice cream while you are here. It’s an absolute delight. Their staple Freakshake in a Nutella jar is a force to be reckoned with. The red-velvet waffle on the top signifies the power of sugar rushes. 

A variety of ice cream on offer, whichis generally handcrafted and rolled in front of you, has become quite a crowd pulleron both weekdays and weekends. Icekraft also serves a unique ice cream and cone on its menu and it’s black as hell. Never imagined the Goth culture to take over ice cream, but here we are, digging in charcoal black ice cream.It all happens in front of you and it is jet black. After the beating and rolling session, they will decorate it for you. The black icecream is put on the black cone, and is ready to be devoured and it tastes divine.

Icekraft has recently added the concept of Friffles, a delicious fusion of fries in a waffle cone, to their menu.Order one of their famous shakes with these and you've got yourself a perfect meal.

Don’t worry if you are not too much of a sweeth tooth, the savory dish like Big Bang fries tossed in Schezuan sauce and crispy cheesy fries is as delicious as it can get. And don’t forget to try their amazing range of multigrain sandwiches. 

If you believe in the power of desserts, Icekraft will enhance it further. Take your love for the sugar rush a notch higher with Icekraft and get ready toget your taste bud freak on with its freakshakes!