Laws of The Land

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Laws of The Land


There are many who complain that there is nothing in Nepal and that the government here does nothing. But these people don't know that the government has formulated so many laws in Nepal that it seems to have become the country with the highest number of laws. The country already had a load of old laws; now new laws are being made for the country and its people. These new laws are very interesting. When you ask the authorities why such laws, then they will tell you that all these laws are for the security of the country and its people!       

For example, there is this 'Food Security Act' which secures food for the Nepali people. Had this law not been in place, many Nepalis would have died of starvation! Then there is this 'Black Marketeering Act'. This is saving us from the black marketers. Besides this, the government has put in place the 'Consumer Protection Act'. This law has been relentlessly protecting us. If this was not enough, the government has brought forth the 'Essential Goods Protection Act'.

There exist so many laws in the country but we nagging Nepalis keep nagging. There are several laws of archaeological importance! Perhaps even the law ministry doesn't know how many laws there are and who they benefit, if they benefit anyone. In short, the fact that there are so many laws is an apt reply to those who say the country has nothing. 

We only need to look at the ' Essential Goods Control Act' to see how committed the government is to the well being of the people. This means the government will provide all the essential goods you need even by controlling them. If you are not getting the essential goods, go and ask the government. You will get it!   

Look at another interesting law which shows how liberal, and at the same time, tough, the government is. The Gambling Act. Try to go out and gamble again but take care and be prepared to pay the fine - not just 100 rupees but 300 rupees! If you notice that some gambling is going on, go and lodge a complaint and you'll receive 30 percent of the fine! This shows how tough the government is. That's why people have stopped gambling during festivals like Dashain and Tihar! However, there is a Regulation which allows to gamble in casinos. Nepalis haven't been allowed to gamble even in casinos but that is a case of 'rules are made to be broken'. You've probably now got it. 

There is another Act, the 'Social Improvement Act'. Under this Act, a wedding party cannot exceed 51 people. This has prevented extravagant spending in weddings. You might say - "1000 people attended the wedding party of my daughter. What did the Act do?" But imagine, had this Act not been in place, you might have to bear with 3,000 to 5,000 people or even more. You were saved because of this Act. Congratulations!    
The list of interesting laws in Nepal is not over. For example, there is the 'Liquor Act'. And there is a separate 'Hotel Business and Liquor Sales Act'. Likewise, we have the 'Electricity Act'. But we also have a separate 'Electricity Pilferage Control Act'. And again, there is this 'Waste Management Act'. Doesn't this all show how much the government is looking after us? Now, no one can complain about the mismanagement of waste. The government has kindly introduced this Act already for us. If there is still filth, it is your fault.

So, stop complaining that the government has done nothing for you. It has made laws for us to move forward. In fact, it has made more than one law for each sector. If we still complain, it might one day come up with the 'No Complaints Act'! Then what?