“We strive to produce leaders”

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Daniel R. Kelch,  Director of International Admissions (Asia/Africa/ Middle East),  Cleary UniversityDaniel R. Kelch 
Director of International Admissions (Asia/Africa/ Middle East), 
Cleary University

The US-based Cleary University and Nilai University in Malaysia have jointly launched the 3Q programme.  It is the world’s first international multi-degree programme that includes three American BBA degrees from Cleary University and a Malaysian bachelor degree from Nilai University. Dan Kelch, Director of International Admissions of Cleary University was recently in Nepal to participate in a seminar organised to inform Nepali students about the programme. According to Kelch, the 3Q programme being run in Nilai University prepares students for the competitive business world. Having 42 years of experience in international education, Kelch is currently engaged in admission of students at Cleary University from Asia, Africa and countries in the Middle East. In an interview with New Business Age, he talks about the feature of the 3Q programme and its prospects for Nepali students, among others. Excerpts:
Tell us about the 3Q multi-degree programme.
Globally, there are two types of education. One is exam-based and another is continuous assessment-based. Most American programmes fall in the second category that includes continuous assignments and tests. The assessments are more like jobs and real life work. The 3Q is the world’s first international multi-degree programme. It combines three American and an enhanced Malaysian certification at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Malaysia. With this, students can get both local and international degrees. The programme enables them to get an American degree which can have a very strong value for their careers.  The programme is aimed at providing practical education in an Asian country where students can save their education expenses. 
What are the key features of the programme?
A good university level business programme integrates experience of education excellence of the providing institution. Both Cleary and Nilai have been doing this since long. In addition, Cleary is providing more to what Nilai has been offering. At Nilai, the students have an option to choose from seven different major subjects and Cleary has an American management degree added to that. The subject constitutes real components of management education and those who graduate in the 3Q programme will have the advantage of rapid career advancement.  Some of the best professors from Cleary University will be teaching in Nilai to help the students to develop their communication and interpersonal skills by working and interacting with the American faculty. After completing this programme, students will get two undergraduate degrees from Malaysia and America and also an American post-graduate diploma. The post-graduate diploma is 46 percent of the MBA programme. So, it will be very easy for the students to join MBA after completing the 3Q as they will complete half of the master’s course in their bachelor’s level. If students choose the third qualification that is the post-graduate diploma, they have to study five extra courses and one extra semester depending on the subject they have chosen. However, the two bachelor degrees of Nilai and Cleary can be completed in three years. 
How is 3Q degree beneficial to Nepali students?
With this programme, students have much stronger qualifications at very low cost. You need to pay USD 100,000 to USD 130,000 to study in the US to get as business degree. However, in the 3Q programme, you don’t need to pay more than USD 20,000 for Nilai degree and the management degree of Cleary together. In this way, when students complete their bachelor’s level, they can spend the money saved while studying 3Q to do MBA in US.  The fee structure is highly competitive. The programme has 100 percent American instruction for the Cleary component.   By using the latest technology, we make sure that every student at Nilai comes into contact with American student and professors. This is also supplemented by some of the best professors at Nilai University. In this way, if Asian students want to use their global knowledge locally, they can apply it well.  Everything that is American, British or Australian will work in Asia. 
What prospects does this programme hold for Nepali students?
It will be very difficult for companies and professionals to compete in global finance, market and sales if they don’t have good ideas about global business practices. Nepal has lagged behind other Asian countries in terms of business competitiveness. Globally, the competition is not just from western nations. There are many regions across the world that are striving and achieving progress. So, Nepal has to make progress in terms of business competitiveness. Nilai University offers courses in areas including agriculture management, aircraft maintenance and hospitality and tourism. The courses can bring a number of opportunities for Nepali students. Likewise, we also offer an alternative course in nursing. The drive towards privatisation has created a huge demand for nurses with good knowledge about technology, finance and medical tourism. 
How enthusiastic do you think Nepali students are to enroll in this programme?
Students will have excellent chance to get an international education enabling them to come back with knowledge about global business practices. The affordability of the programme means students can save money which they can invest to start business or spend in further education. The first intake of the 3Q programme will start from October. I am sure that this opportunity will excite many students. Managers just lead the orgaisation, but leaders are the ones who innovative and create new things. So we strive to produce leaders. And, Nepal needs a lot of leaders with new ideas. 

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