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“We have reflected high level of integrity and professionalism by fair selection process”​

Kishore Thapa, Former Secretary, Ministry of Education Kishore Thapa,
Former Secretary, Ministry of Education 

I was selected as the coordinator of the jury by New Business Age group for the B Schools Awards. The jury composed of people from different sectors with expertise in their respective fields. There were certain criteria set for selecting the best business schools. However, the criteria can also be broken down and observed more objectively. We tried to our best to make the selection process objective. In order to make the awards more participatory in the coming days and to motivate business schools from across the country, the organiser should make announcement of the awards beforehand. It is difficult to select the best from the best. It was a challenge for us that our judgment should be fair and indisputable. We had to reflect high level of integrity and professionalism by fair selection process. We prepared the results after in-depth discussions and developing a consensus. The selected colleges have passed through a tough competition. 






“Encouragement for colleges to work hard”​

Bkesh Pradhanahga, Managing Director, Jade ConsultBkesh Pradhanahga
Managing Director, Jade Consult

It was very challenging to fulfill the responsibilities as a member of the jury. With lots of hard work, the final decision went quite well. The criteria too must be updated in the next award. We need to make the criteria more systematic in the future editions of the awards. We will add few points and remove few in the existing criteria. However, regularly organising this programme has been an encouragement to the business schools to work hard for nomination. 








“Management skills essential in all sectors” ​​

Shailendra Raj Giri, Managing Director, Real SolutionsShailendra Raj Giri
Managing Director, Real Solutions

It was really difficult for us to select the best colleges. All participating colleges have different identities, are focused on different areas and have different priorities. So, selecting the best among them was a very tough job. The jury had a very long discussion and we had to give many logical reasons to support our judgment. We finally decided the winners after many meetings. We felt that a lot of things still need to be improved in the management education in Nepal. The winners have definitely enhanced themselves compared to the previous years, but still there are many things to consider if the Nepali B-schools are to become the best B-schools globally. The principle and practice of management and business are the same everywhere. The most essential thing is that we have to apply innovation in our own ways. I have been engaged with this award since its first year. I believe that organising award of this kind itself is inspiring for the B-schools as this encourages creativity. Management is an essential part in today's world. No matter what profession a person is engaged in, he/she needs to be a manager to manage any work efficiently. So, management skills are essential in every sector from home to office.  




“Balanced and neutral selection process”​

Kumar Joshi, President, HR Society Nepal    Kumar Joshi
President, HR Society Nepal    

I have been in the jury panel for the third time in the National B-schools Rating-Ranking-Awards organised by the New Business Age. My experience as a jury member has been very good. After gathering all information about the colleges, we evaluated the performance in an unbiased manner. In the next edition of the awards, it will be much better to add more criteria for evaluation and give more time for research and judgment. This kind of award motivates the winners and also helps other colleges to evaluate their weaknesses. We should also announce the selection criteria to the colleges earlier so that they can work to meet the requirements for selection. This will also help in their rating and ranking. 







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