Elegant and Excellent

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Elegant and Excellent

In one of the city’s trendiest quarters, one establishment is trying to change the staid multicuisine restaurant game.

Lazimpat’s Uttar Dhoka has always been a fashionable spot for restaurants. Here, they are unapologetically sharp and classy. Green Leaves, a newly opened restaurant in this area has utilised an empty space and transformed it into an eatery with a stellar list of wines and the kind of unpretentious vibe that makes people want to be there for a relaxing time. Opened in November 2016, this multicuisine restaurant is already turning into a hit with the city’s restaurant goers.

New places are always opening up, and quite often, they’re pretty good. But even more often, they’re all very much the same. However, Green Leaves is not at all like the typical multicuisine restaurant. The modern space is lovely, but is it exactly going to move the needle in the “well, this is different” category? Yes. Because once the plates start hitting the table, you realise things actually are different here.

You will find massively flavoured dishes ranging from curries to stir-frys to yes, a Pad Thai. And in each, you’re best served by ordering the most challenging things on the menu, closing your eyes, and biting down. It’s not that the staples aren’t good (they are), it’s the thrill of how immensely foreign and yet accessible the flavours, the textures, and sometimes even the meats themselves are to a Nepali palate.

The Murg Biryani, dice cut chicken cooked with Indian spices is a classic. It tastes great, a one of its kind compared to the same dish found across the eateries of the capital valley.  The Indian dishes here are the best among the rest. Dishes like Tangri Kabab, Gosht Kadai (Mutton cubes cooked in bell peppers and onion), Garlic Naan, Daal Makhani are very praiseworthy. On the Chinese side, the Prawn Manchurian is a must try. Similarly, Thai curries like Thai Green Chicken Curry and Thai Red Prawn Curry are very palatable. The Prawn Oriental Pasta served with oriental tomato sauce is very creamy and delicious. The menu is large (and so are the portions) and after a full meal here, you’ll find it pretty impossible to walk out unsatisfied.

"We are encouraging people to have a healthy diet," says Head Chef Ganesh Man Shrestha, adding, "We make our own spices and the food served here is not so spicy. We are currently focusing on promoting sea foods and salads." Shrestha, also known as Salad Master is an expert in preparing salads. According to him, Nepalis are not aware of the health benefits of salads. Among the different salads served here, the Mediterranean Salad prepared with crispy lettuce, black olives, french beans, tuna, tomato, cucumber, potato, eggs, anchovy and house dressing  is absolutely mouth-savouring. Similarly, on the non vegetarian side the Caesar Salad prepared with grilled chicken and crispy lettuce, garlic, croutons and parmesan cheese and classic dressing is an absolute delight. 

The two storied restaurant with ample parking for 40-45 vehicles, also has a separate meeting hall and a family room. It can hold up to 250 people at a time. Wondering how Green Leaves not only matches high expectations, but actually exceeds them? This restaurant is being jointly run by Gajendra Nepal, Ganesh Kumar Karki, Ramesh Balami, Chama Tamang, S.K. Lamichhane and Ganesh Man Balami who have over 15 years of experience in the restaurant business. No wonder the restaurant is a masterclass in interesting flavours.

Green Leaves is comforting and elegant, with a menu that’s as accessible as it is excellent. And that smells like a winning recipe. It is a restaurant that's truly changing the game, taking risks, and taking us on the ride with them. I’d hop on if I were you.

Very wonderful place and deliteful taste,every foods are delicious really enjoyed and satisfied