Tasneem's Indian Delights

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Tasneem's Indian Delights

Tasneem’s gives you a mouthful of marvelous Indian flavours that leave you craving for more.


Indian restaurants have become popular eateries for Nepali restaurant goers over the years. And a restaurant located at Pulchowk, Lalitpur has fast become a centre of attraction among Indian food aficionados here. A single meal at Tasneem's Kings Kitchen promises its customers with delectable delicacies and a fine dining experience. The minimalistic designed three-storied restaurant has a hint of Bollywood drama with huge movie posters framed on every corner. At its best, Tasneem's seems to be something exciting, a combination of Indian kitchen discipline and a gut instinct for meeting the appetite head on.

Established in 2014, Tasneem's Kings Kitchen has created more than a buzz around the city in a short span of time. Covering a good chunk of area in Pulchowk, the restaurant can seat upto 70 guests at a time. There isn't another restaurant in the city quite like Tasneem's, where from lunch through dinner the flavours of India are imported into our daily lives. 

Tasneem Sahani, the owner of the restaurant herself is an amazing cook and has been in the food business for the past 11 years. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen is a joint effort of Tasneem, who started out with home catering in Kathmandu and Abbas Nalwala, who runs Kings Kitchen, Mumbai’s leading Bohra caterer serving traditional Bohra Jaman to Masjids and Mohallas across Mumbai everyday.

Serving over 40 different dishes, Tasneem's kitchen guarantees to wow you with its mouth watering condiments. The restaurant serves authentic Bohra Muslim cuisine that's cooked in traditional Dumpukht style. Tasneem also provides corporate lunch boxes and banquet meals for 10 to 2000 people serving very palatable Biryanis and other classic Mughlai dishes.

Tasneem's Kitchen serves 100 percent halal, traditional Mumbai Bohra Muslim cuisine. The non vegetarian dishes here are absolutely captivating with dishes like Mutton Sigdi and Chicken Sheekh Kabab tempting you to come over again. And the Biryani served at Tasneem's makes you askhow could a humble plate of Biryani contain a multitude of palate pleasing flavours? How could it be so thrilling? Be it the Chicken Sheekh Biryani or Mutton Biryani the flavoursome taste leaves you craving for more. 

The vegetarian dishes here are an absolute delight as well. Tandoori Alu, Paneer Cheese Momo and Kashmiri Paneer are a must try. The Batata Vada served here brings you the taste of typical Indian street food. The best time to experience Tasneem’s in full measure is between 11 am and 3 pm, when servers at the counter will take orders for lunch. 

The snacks and side dishes available after 11am are exciting. The Chicken Tandoori Drumsticks and Chicken Tandoori Momo are worth a try. The wonderful French Fries, runs all seasons and is deep fried and served with an extremely intriguing sauce. If more serious hunger beckons, the versatile Indian bread or Naan dipped in Butter Chicken or Kadhai Gosht soaks away your hunger with delight. On the vegetarian side Naan taken with Paneer Palak or Daal Tadka gives your palate an equal amount of pleasure. 

The kitchen is exceptional at snacks, like Mutton Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Chinese Bhel, an Indian fast food that has maintained a careful distinction between tenderness and disintegration. If you go for dinner, the menu changes shape again. The food is a little dressier, is ordered at the table and falls more neatly into appetizers and main courses.

Tasneem has left the desserts simple as possible but has savoured them up with an ample amount of taste. All four deserts served here are equally palatable but don't miss out the Gaajar Halwa they plate up. 

Tasneem's Kings Kitchen makes corporate lunch boxes and is also associated with foodmandu for home delivery. Here you have two different dining options- you can either have a leisurely meal on the premises of the restaurant or enjoy great food in the comfort of your own home and entertain guests conveniently through the banquet meals facility that they provide. So, to satisfy your craving for Indian and Mughlai food, Tasneem's Kings Kitchen is a must visit

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Nandini Lahe Thapa

Gorging at Tasneems TKKis is not just a gourmet tummy filling experience but soul filling too!! One comes away with such a feel-good feel. Where else do you have a charming owner personally taking care that you enjoy the experience !!! Going back on Friday for the nth meal!!

Eugene Das

Congrats Tasneem...yummy article...look fwd to visit some day