Bricks Cafe : A Warm, Delicious Place

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Bricks Cafe : A Warm, Delicious Place


For nearly five years, Bricks Cafe has held the hearts of people and it has proven that at the end of the day, what most diners want isn’t nerve-jangling sensations or cutting-edge surprises. It’s a kind of effortless graciousness and unlaboured sophistication, which Bricks Cafe has pretty much defined.

Diners have found these things here though there was an interval when all wasn’t well, when the entire restaurant business seemed to be on a rough ride when the earthquake hit last year. But amid everything, the restaurant has lifted itself back up again and the food here is just as tasty and divine.

Bricks Cafe is virtually synonymous with a certain style of service. Cheerful, wholesome, engaging, proactive, the servers are the sort you would be comfortable around. The staff seem to understand that customers come with high expectations, and sometimes you can be treated to the next-level of hospitality.

The name of the cafe itself suggests its architecture. The restaurant is built in a way that it focuses on the design of bricks. Most of the bricks have inscriptions showing that they were made around 1903. Opened in 2012 in Kupondole, the restaurant covers an area of two ropanis with adequate parking space for both two and four-wheelers. "The cafe can seat 150 plus guests at a time," says Mohit Bamsha Acharya, Director of Bricks Cafe. 

The minimalistic design approach of the dining room suits the environment of the cafe well. Velvety clusters of roses sit on the bare tables, the uncarpeted floors clatter with the footsteps of servers pacing back and forth, and the brick walls showcase the individualistic style of the cafe.

The Chef surely knows how to play with your taste buds; he owns every dish that he cooks. It’s as if he has fallen in love with everything he puts on the plate. The cooking is deeply expressive-expressive of the seasons.

Having over 15 varieties of pizzas, Bricks serves you an exquisite Firewood Pizza. Smoked Chicken Pizza made with fresh bell pepper with onion and mozzarella cheese is a real treat. Similarly, on the vegetarian side, Cheese King Pizza made with Mozzaarella, Parmesan, Kanchan and goat cheese is a must try. Chicken Firfirey, an exclusive dish found only in Bricks is as delicious as it can be. The menu of the cafe hosts a long list of items. Mixed Lasagna cooked with shrimps, fish and chicken which is stir fried with authentic herbs and baked served with Focaccia bread is a perfect delight. Among the dishes on the main course, the Chicken Cordon Bleu prepared with cheese, mushrooms, the ham stuffed chicken with grilled vegetables and apple sauce are mouth-watering.

The Indian Platter served here is praiseworthy with the Chicken Butter Masala and Palak Paneer being the best among the rest. The dessert range at Bricks is to die for. The Chocolate Crepe and Chocolate Pudding offer the perfect amount of sweetness to your taste buds.

The thoughtfully assembled wine list spans many styles and budgets. Cocktails like Banana Daiquiri and Singapore Sling are as fascinating as their names. For the people who prefer mocktails, Mickey Mouse and Summer Surprise are actually mesmerising with amazing flavours. 

The cafe is mostly crowded during weekends as every Friday guests can enjoy their food here with some great live music performed by Jyovan Bhuju who plays a mix of Nepali and international songs on the guitar. In addition to this, every evening the restaurant’s in house dance group performs different traditional dances. 

The cafe is popular with families and businessmen."Although many restaurants target the youth as their major customers, we target families, corporate customers and those who work in the development sector,“ says Acharya. 

The restaurant has made its name in a short period redefining the dining experience. To have a wonderful time with good food and ambience, Bricks Cafe is a must visit!

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