TCL Curved TV : Unique Viewing Experience

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TCL Curved TV : Unique Viewing Experience

--By Sanjeev Sharma   

Curved TVs have been in the market for while. These TVs have garnered immense attraction from viewers as they offer unusual design and outstanding picture clarity. The Chinese manufacturer TCL has also been manufacturing curved TVs aiming to take on the high-end television market segment. The TCL C55H8800 is one such notable product offering viewers with awesome TV viewing experiences.  

With is enticing curvy design, the TV is quite attractive along with the very thin bezel that gives it a stunning look. The TV’s rounded large LED screen dazzles off in the curve frame and instantly grabs the attention of passersby. Given its highly attractive build design, TCL C55H8800 is likely to become a centre piece of interior décor. Display is vibrant and crisp with the picture quality being excellent. With top-end screen clarity, the TV offers superb viewing pleasure. Contrast and colour saturation is excellent with deep black levels and amazing vividness in the colours. Viewing angle, meanwhile, is also above par as viewers can have clear views from different sides.  Be it for normal viewing, watching movie or gaming, the TV offers movie theatre like experience to the viewers. The TV comes with five picture modes, namely standard, dynamic, movie, personal and natural which the views can choose according to their preferences. Video streaming services like Youtube is noteworthy as the large curve screen plays videos with superb details. The audio quality, meanwhile, is also pleasing with five different sound modes- standard, music, movie, personal and clear voice. The integrated speakers give off fine quality sound despite its limitations. The quality of sound can be enhanced by adding subwoofer and extra speakers via audio out jack. 

The LED 2D Smart TV comes with some of the advanced smart features available in the market. Powered by a quad-core A7 1 GHz processor, TCL C55H8800 has 6 GB DDR3 RAM, a dual-core GPU and runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat with CROSS UI. Viewing becomes fun with the curved TV as it includes an array of smart functions such apps. Also, it takes the viewers beyond their usual TV programmes to even better experience. Through the launcher home page users can enjoy various apps. Like other Android devices, apps can be downloaded from the official APP store. The TCL C55H8800 comes with a bunch of preloaded apps Youtube, Golive, Miracast, a custom webpage browser, TV Tweets, Deezer, Media Centre, Weather Forecast and nScreen, an app that lets users to connect their smartphones to TV sets and control the TVs using the phones. It is a very handy app as it can be used to transfer media files to TVs display from phones. 

Overall, the TCL C55H8800 Curved TV can be a good choice for viewers who want to have unique viewing experiences. CG Digital, the authorised distributor of TCL TVs in Nepal has announced a cash back offer on the occasion of New Year 2073 on the purchase of the TV set. The company is selling the TV at a discounted price of Rs 142,000 for a limited period of time which was earlier Rs 165,000. The company is providing a 1-year warranty on the purchase.

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