“We think we can do much better in Nepal”

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 “We think we can do much better in Nepal”

Dell recently organised the ‘Dell Nepal Future-Ready 2016’ event in Kathmandu where the company introduced new additions to its portfolio of commercial products in the country. Ahad Haq, Country Manager (Rest of Asia Pacific), South Asia Developing Market Groups (SADMG) was in Nepal for the event. New Business Age caught up with Haq to talk about the event. Excerpts:

What is the purpose of your visit?
I am looking after Rest of Asia Pacific which includes many countries and Nepal is one of them. Nepal is a country which has very high potential to grow because of a lot of reasons. And we really think that we can work and serve Nepali customers. We are doing this event globally like we have done in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and now in Nepal. Nepal is a target market for us. The country faced a lot of problems due to the major earthquake and the political situation so we want to work here and help the country.

What are your assessments post earthquake?
Definitely we do have plans to help people in need. We are working with a lot of NGOs in a lot of projects in Nepal.  

What is the current market share of your products in Nepal?
I have no authentic data regarding market share because there is no interactive data center (IDC) in this country. But according to our resellers and the market point of view, we are number one here.

What are Dell’s business strategies in Nepal?
We have a very straight forward strategy.  We are a channel driven organisation and now we are working to build channels. We are rethinking our current channel network and want to bring resellers and distributors into the process to a more extent to help and maximise our reach. 

How do you see the market in South Asia and especially in Nepal?
We are doing pretty well in South Asia. At the same time we think we can do much better in Nepal. We have a very good share in terms of numbers on enterprise space.

Would you please tell us about the major unique features of Dell?
First of all we are open; we don’t lock customers on our technology or aspects. Next is that we do follow open standards. 

What are your major branding strategies?
Our branding strategies are to please our customers in a much better way. We will be providing a lot of other products we have launched in the past and we will be providing a lot of new products moving forward into this market.

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