Knowing the Success Attributes

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--By Harendra Thapa

To be very successful in life is a wish every single individual nurtures within. However, not everyone can be successful as one desires. Becoming successful is something that largely depends on many factors, the most significant ones being self-discipline, can-do attitude, will power, positive thinking, passion for work, perseverance, creativity and visionary outlook. Let us now see how the prime focus on the aforementioned attributes correlates with the getting you aboard on the path to success.

Self-discipline keeps you confined within the circle of what you perceive to be the area of your values and norms. This varies from individual to individual and who cares for them the most are the most disciplined. Self-discipline is a yardstick to measure the goodness of your behaviour and is directly proportional to your self-respect and self-control.

Can do attitude is another major attribute for being successful. Many people do not know their own potential. Someone or some event makes them realise their own potential. Lack of a can-do attitude makes one back out from the new challenges and changes. Such kinds of people exhibit an inborn fear of moving out of their comfort zone and also have a sense of insecurity. You should inculcate the habit of readily accepting what comes in as challenges or changes to evolve a can-do attitude in you.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." It is the will power that sets the prop of the determination deeply rooted in you and keeps you moving ahead in your journey to success. It acts as a back thrust in keeping you pushing forward. Those with weak will power always tend to quit their journey to success at a very early stage or soon upon embarking on it. Having strong will power is a must to dump aside all the obstacles including the emotional interferences and carry on unmoved to your destination.

Way of thinking varies from one individual to another. It is largely influenced by the level of education (academic or practical), upbringing, socio-economic background, cultural background and peer group mingling. You as a person, can have negative or positive thinking depending on the scenarios, the mood you carry at a certain instance and how you happen to perceive things. Practically, people get demoralised by adversity. However, if you can view it from a positive mindset then adversity is no longer an apprehension but is a challenge for change. Having said that, positive thinking at all times will keep you on your track and raise your morale up. What Shakespeare has said very much applies here, “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Having a passion for the work you do is another driver of success. Those who enjoy what they do have always excelled with high performance. They put in both heart and soul to it which adds quality to the resulting output unlike the ones who do things not because of interest but just to make a living.

Success does not come overnight. It takes time and you should be in no haste to get the results of your endeavour. Having perseverance is a must to achieve success that sustains over an expansive period of time with intensity. Creativity is the skill of doing things with enhanced value addition of the service or product. Creativity results from continuous brain storming of ideas. Being creative in any field of work you are in will add value to a new product or service development. This further leads to innovation which shall make you stand out in the competition and race ahead of the rest.

The famous essayist Johnathan Swift said, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” The vision here is the destination that someone dreams to achieve or is the most coveted goal in life. You can say that the destination is a blurred vacuum for a person who does not have a vision. So, having a vision will always help to create an image of the zenith that you dream to be in or acquire in the days to come.

Would you not want to try and see where you stand in terms of the aforementioned parameters? Judge yourself to analyse your position in the journey to success.

The author is a freelance writer and Excel Trainer

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