5G to be Launched in 2019

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5G to be Launched in 2019

December 4: The much-awaited fifth generation (5G) cellular mobile communication is expected to be launched in 2019. Internet speed will increase significantly with the introduction of 5G technology although it is still in the initial phase. Some of the countries will start the test of the 5G technology from 2019.

According to experts, the technology will not only increase the internet speed but also bring transition in overall technology. The technology will help in networking between multiple devices. One can use 20 gigabytes of internet speed per second. The speed of the technology is 20 times higher than that of 4G. It has been raising curiosity among the people regarding the changes in livelihood through this technology.

The technology will have transformational effects in the four listed sectors:

Smart Cities

5G technology will let the people to communicate with each other in automated car. The technology also helps in traffic management using automated traffic lights. It will also help in surveillance on people of the cities as well.

Smart Homes

With the help of 5G technology, people can arrange the security system as well as manage electricity and water in their homes. The technology enables people to take care of their health and also helps in calling doctors during emergency. Likewise, it saves petty expenses.

Automated Car

The technology helps to improve artificial intelligent (AI) of automated car. The technology will assist the driver to control the car.

Health Checkup

The technology will be integrated with health treatment equipment enabling continuous update about health. Additionally, it enables to get health service from doctors outside the country.

(Source: Agencies)


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