Rainwater Harvesting System Implemented at Teaching Hospital

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February 27: Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) has tapped in the potential of rainwater by setting up its first Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge System with the support from Bottlers Nepal Limited – the authorized bottler of the Coca-Cola Company in Nepal. The project was implemented by Smart Paani Pvt Ltd, states a joint statement issued by Coca-Cola and Smart Pani.

The nedwly-established system was handed over to TUTH on the hospital premises on February 26.

Coca-Cola said it continues to work on water efficiency, water conservation, water replenishment and integrated water resource management in its relentless approach to creating lasting positive impacts on the communities where it serves.

Prof Dr Deepak Prakash Mahara, director of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, said, "We are pleased to have the first Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge System project implemented in our hospital. We are a central referral hospital and we receive a large number of patients daily. This system will definitely help us manage our resources more efficiently. We want to thank Bottlers Nepal Limited for their support and Smart Paani for implementing this project here smoothly.”

Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited, Puneet Varshney, reiterated the company’s commitment to sustainability goals worldwide.

“In this regard, we are working towards innovative solutions and ground water recharge through different partnerships and programs. We are pleased to have supported TUTH, one of the central health service providers, to implement their first Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge System. We are confident this will become an exemplary project for many similar institutions,” he said.

Suman Shakya, managing director of Smart Paani Private Limited, shared, "We are very happy to implement these eight Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge systems here at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital with the support of Coca-Cola. We have been working with Coca-Cola on similar projects, and it’s great to see more institutions implementing technologies that will significantly help the institute and the community at large with this integrated rainwater management project.” 



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