Wai-Wai Glocal Hunts Teen Hero

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Wai-Wai Glocal Hunts Teen Hero

April 16: Glocal Pvt Ltd is set to search extraordinary teenagers who have made contributions to society in order to honor and encourage them. According to the organizer, the program is aimed at providing recognition to the teenagers along with making their contribution visible to the society.

As per the organizer, the company representatives will reach various locations of the country to hunt such teenagers.   The campaign with a slogan ‘Teenagers for Sustainable Development’ is being organized in collaboration with companies including Wai-Wai, Coca-cola, Panchakanya Group, Toyota VOITH and Honda.  

As per Ashish Thakur, Acting Director of the company, an online application for Glocal Teen Hero will be opened from April 14. The company will select Best Teen Hero and honor them organizing special program on September 1.

Moreover, the company, in a press meet, said that it will organize “International Teen Summit’ to inform Nepali teenagers about the constraints and verified issues of national development. The Nepali teenagers will participate in an interaction program and share their experience with teenagers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Liberia. Based on the interaction with international participants, the winner of Glocal Teen Hero will be declared, announced the company.   

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