Three Decades Of Creaming Success

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--By Upashana Neupane
Dr Herambha H B Rajbhandary, Executive Chairman Nepal Dairy Pvt Ltd
Dr Herambha H B Rajbhandary
Executive Chairman
Nepal Dairy Pvt Ltd
Nepal Dairy Pvt Ltd, popularly known as ‘nd’s’ was established in the year 1981 by an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs headed by pioneer in the field of dairy technology, Dr Herambha B Rajbhandary. Presently, Executive Chairman of the company, Rajbhandary was the retired General Manager of Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) then and wanted to use his experience and skills in the dairy field.
Started as a small cottage dairy in the busy streets of Mahaboudha, Kathmandu, Nepal Dairy produced yoghurt in clay pots and some kind of soft cheeses. Primarily, it aimed to break the monopoly of state owned dairy enterprise, DDC and cover the high demand of the dairy products. Started withthe transaction of 28 Litres of milk nd’s now has transaction of 3-4 thousand litres of milk daily. With the best quality dairy products, nd’s has been growing steadily and broadening its customers.
"nd’s" produces finest quality of dairy products: Ice Cream, Pouch Milks, yoghurts and cheese. Among them, Nds Ice Cream has been the most popular among customers. Apart from that, it also produces sweets, bakery items (cake, pastries and cookies) and fast food items (pizza, burger etc.). It has its outlets in Mahaboudhha, Putalisadak, Sita Paila inside the valley and Itahari, Pokhara, Mugling and several other places outside the valley.
In its over three-decade journey, Nepal Dairy has added more skills and diversified its business to respond its customer’s choice and taste. “We have expanded our business to various dairy based sectors in order to addressour customer’s demand for our products,” says Rajbhandary sharing that they thought of diversifying their products as they started growing steadily in the market.
Nepal Dairy is presently providing direct employment to more than 3500 people. The company had started by employing 200 employees. nd’s supports the business of rural milk producers and urban milk consumers of Kathmandu. It safeguards the interest of the rural milk producers by providing highly 
competitive price. 
With the annual turnover of 150-160 million, Nds is firmly committed to be the market leader in processing and distribution of dairy products in Nepal. Since day one nd’s products has been everybody’s favourite and its demand has always grown higher and higher. Rajbhandary says, “We didn’t have to struggle much to establish our brand in the market”, “But we don’t miss a small opportunity to give our best.” nd’s has been taste of people as it focuses on quality by adopting world-class standards in the processing its products.
Rajbhandary remembers his more than 30 years experience in being part of an ever-growing business and says that his race has no finish line. “Government institutions are limited by targets, But Private sector has no limitations”, he shares, “It thus makes easy to grow.”
Being a private sector pioneer in the dairy business, Nepal Dairy has earned a good reputation for its brand acronym: nd’s. Rajbhandary says, “Government should be encouraging initiations from private sectors as they are the backbone of the country.
“Nepal Dairy is committed to provide highest quality product to its consumers at the most reasonable cost.It has always been the favourite taste of millions of people in the country and will continue to meet up to their expectations”, Rajbhandary said adding nd’s is committed to its motto “Best Quality: Best Services.”


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