Dairy Farmers Demand Overdue Payment with DDC   

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Dairy Farmers Demand Overdue Payment with DDC   

KATHMANDU: Dairy farmers have demanded the Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) to settle their outstanding dues immediately.    
The farmers demonstrated in front of the office of the DDC at Lainchaur, Kathmandu on Wednesday demanding a fair price for the milk they sell.    
The protest programme was led by the Central Dairy Cooperatives Association. The association's Treasurer Bal Krishna Uprety shared that the payment of milk has been pending for seven months and thus they staged protest demanding the overdue payment with the DDC.    
According to him, dairy farmers all over the country are yet to get their overdue payment worth around Rs 7 billion. The DDC alone owes them Rs 2.5 billion.    
DDC's Officiating General-Manager and Information Officer Rajendra Prasad Adhikari shared that they were having problems in payment to the dairy farmers since the products made from milk have not been sold out.    
According to him, they were identifying the potential areas to sell the products to settle the due amount. He pledged that the problem shall be addressed within two months.    
Police detained more than 40 dairy farmers who reached the DDC demanding their payment. -- RSS 


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