National Life Insurance Company Organises Training for its Employees

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National Life Insurance Company Organises Training for its Employees

KATHMANDU: National Life Insurance Company organised a multi-dimensional training for its senior employees in Kathmandu on June 17 and 18 with the objective of promoting a healthy and balanced life.

The company expects this training to inspire personal and professional development of the employees, which will in turn benefit the company.

Issuing a statement, the company said this training will increase the professionalism of both individuals and the organization and motivate employees to work in a healthy environment and provide inspiration for their personality development.

The training was conducted by the corporate program director of Art of Living Nepal Neeva M Pradhan. Pradhan is a respected international corporate trainer with a highly professional background in the banking sector.

She is an expert in managing loan portfolios and conducting management training.

“Her expertise and experience have provided valuable assistance in making this program a success,” the company said.

In addition, senior trainers Achut Gautam and Samjhana Kharel also played supporting roles in this training program.

Art of Living has more than forty years of successful experience with such programs and has implemented these programs in approximately 186 countries around the world. The statement added that these programs were prepared in accordance with the wellness model of the World Health Organization.

The statement added that the company is confident this program will relieve the participants of illness and stress and promote the overall health and well-being of the employees.

Pradhan expressed happiness to see the increasing number of organizations that prioritize employees.

“Our overall training package is designed to provide maximum and sustainable benefits to both individuals and organizations,” said Pradhan, adding, “The organization is committed to conducting additional training sessions after the completion of the program to ensure maximum return on time and investment.”

The company's president Prema Rajya Laxmi Singh and the president of Art of Living Nepal Siddheshwar Kumar Singh were present at the closing ceremony of the program.




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