MPs Give Mixed Reaction to Govt’s Policies and Programmes   

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MPs Give Mixed Reaction to Govt’s Policies and Programmes   

Kathmandu: Leaders of various political parties have given mixed reaction to the policies and programmes of the government for the upcoming fiscal year after President Ram Chandra Paudel tabled the policies and programmes at a joint sitting of the Federal Parliament on Tuesday.    

Parliamentarians from the ruling party defended the programmes, calling them positive and transformative, while opposition leaders described them as conventional and unpromising.

CPN (Maoist Center) leader Madhav Sapkota praised the policies and programmes overall, emphasizing the importance of their implementation. "The government must show the will to implement them," he said, noting the positive focus on self-employment and youth.

Vice-president of Rastriya Swatantra Party, Dr. Swarnim Wagley, highlighted that numerous reforms have been proposed, increasing their potential linkage with the budget. "The ideas in the form of policies and programmes need to be realized through the budget," he stated.

CPN (US) leader Rajendra Pandey characterized the policies and programmes as routine, saying they do not inspire enthusiasm or address the current political situation. "The policies and programmes do not give enthusiasm to the people and address the current political situation," he said.

Chandra Bhandari, a leader of the main opposition party Nepali Congress, remarked that similar themes have been included in the policies and programmes for the past 34 years of Nepal's multi-party system.

"If only 20 percent of the policies and programmes were implemented, the country would have taken leaps towards prosperity," he commented. -- RSS


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