Rainfall Predicted in Hill Regions Today

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Rainfall Predicted in Hill Regions Today

Kathmandu: Light rain accompanied by thunder, lightning, and winds is occurring in certain areas of the Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces, with partial to general changes in weather conditions across the country.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology informed that the influence of westerly winds, local wind patterns, and a low-pressure system formed in and around Bihar, India, has been affecting the country's weather.

The forecast predicts partly to generally cloudy skies in the hill regions of the country, including the Koshi and Lumbini provinces, with light rain likely in some areas, accompanied by thunder and lightning, particularly in the Koshi and Bagmati provinces this afternoon. There's also a possibility of light snowfall in some high hill and mountainous regions.

Tonight, the weather in the hill regions, including Koshi Province, is expected to be partly to generally cloudy, with chances of light to moderate rainfall followed by thunder, lightning, and gusty winds in one or two places in the rest of the country.

Over the next 24 hours, the department anticipates light rain with thunder and lightning in various parts of the hill regions, including the Koshi and Bagmati provinces.

Considering the potential impact of light snowfall on daily life, including agriculture, health, tourism, mountaineering, and transportation in these regions, the department has advised people to remain alert.




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